Elevator Shoes: Why It Is Completely Normal to Rock Them

“Maybe, they are right. Perhaps, I’m just being a fake. I will be good with normal shoes. Blah blah blah!” I know that feeling, trust me. But here is the thing – whether you rock or you don’t rock elevator shoes, people are going to make you feel like this. In fact, there isn’t a sound logic to back thoughts like this. If you have a problem with elevator shoes – you’ll be having problems with fashion, extensively. So buddy, rock them!  

What are elevator shoes? Elevator shoes are shoes that have thickened insoles which increase the height of the wearer. Unlike high heels, what increases the height of the wearer is hidden. Elevator shoes basically save you from the somewhat uncomfortability that high heels shoes bring.

So, why should you rock them?

1.  Because you want to: yes! Rock elevator shoes because you want to, because you like them. Alicia Keys does not wear makeups because she wanted to stop wearing makeups and that have not changed anything, she is still the beautiful and talented Alicia Keys. Elevator shoes are beautiful and why shouldn’t you rock beautiful shoes? Elevator shoes are height-increasing and if you feel being taller than your real height makes you confident and better-looking, then rock them. I mean, ladies wear push-up bras and they work wonders.

2. They make you taller: do you know what is better than a beautiful shoe? A beautiful shoe that makes you inches taller. And there is no better place to get that than Chamaripa. Elevator shoes, like the name implies, increase your height in a “stealthy way”. Not that it is bad to be short but it is also not bad to be taller than your natural height. Elevator shoes can make you 3, 4, 5, 6 inches taller and they do that with the heel and toe being on the same level. And let’s be honest, you are just catching up because it is almost certain your date will be wearing high-heeled shoes. Apart from making you taller, elevator shoes are also designed in a way that ensures comfortability. You do not need to worry about how you are going to walk with it.

3. They are beautiful: elevator shoes are beautiful and I can’t overemphasize on this. As you can see, elevator shoes can be formal and informal. Elevator Sneakers are also available and they are the best to rock when you are dressed in a non-formal way. Elevator shoes, like any other shoes, have variety of designs. From the elevator sneakers to the sandals, then there is the elevator boot – name it. There is elevator footwear for every clothing in your wardrobe.

4. They are just as comfortable as normal shoes: You may be wondering why shoes that increase your height would be as comfortable as normal shoes, but they are. Elevator shoes can be as comfortable just as normal shoes can be. What are the guides to getting comfortable elevator shoes? First, Chamaripa’s height-increasing shoes are different from temporary height-increasing shoes. Our shoes are like temporary high heels. Imagine wearing a temporary high heels – exactly! That is what Chamaripa gives you. Height insoles are good but sometimes, the insoles may not perfectly fit. Our Elevator shoes are handmade and they fit in perfectly.
Second, they make you appear tall without revealing. This reason can not be overemphasized. It is good to be tall and that, itself, brings some level of comfortability and confidence. But let us be honest, high-heeled shoes may not give you that kind of feeling. Elevator shoes give you that kind of feeling because they are built to make you look invisibly tall and you can maintain that standard by making all your foot wears the same inches. You want to wear Oxford shoes on Mondays? There is the height-increasing one. You want to wear Loafers on Tuesdays? There is the height-increasing one. You want to wear Sneakers on Fridays? There is the height-increasing one. What I’m saying is, if height-increasing shoes make you comfortable – you don’t have to stop being comfortable! Third, the mode of design. What increases your height in elevator shoes are between the outsole and insole which means the shoes are designed to fit your foot perfectly. Chamaripa shoes are designed with nanomaterials which brings softness to your foot.

5. Ladies wear high heels: if ladies rock high heels, there is absolutely no reason why men can not rock elevator shoes. There is almost no difference between wearing high heels and wearing elevator shoes. High-heeled shoes are fashionable, Elevator shoes are also fashionable. High-heeled shoes are beautiful, elevator shoes are also beautiful. High-heeled shoes increase the height of the wearer; elevator shoes increase the height of the wearer, invisibly. Considering the fact that elevator shoes increase height invisibly, my “almost no difference” is justified.

6. Elevator shoes give you invaluable advantages: imagine having a date with this beautiful lady, who likes men that are quite tall. You rocked elevator sneakers that increased your height to 6’1″ the day you met her. On the D-day, you chose an elevator oxford just to match that awesome blazers and fresh pant. She is rocking high heels and you are rocking an elevator oxford. She is 6’0″, with the help of high heels. You are 6’1” – with the help of nothing, seemingly. Did you scream “I got the girl”, keep your “thank you.”

7. People rock them, including your favourite celebrities: do not go back, you read right – your favourite celebrities rock elevator shoes! We are going to name a couple of top celebrities that rock elevator shoes with style.

Tom Cruise: The American actor and movie director is reportedly 5’7″ and he rocks elevator shoes. Tom Cruise has been spotted wearing elevator shoes several times – in fact, there have been several write-ups on times when he has stepped out with elevator shoes.

Robert John Downey Jr.: Robert John Downey Jr. is an actor, director and a singer. I mean, do I even need to introduce – who does not know Iron Man? Yes! Iron Man wears elevator shoes, what are you gonna do about that?

James Kyson: James Kyson Lee is an American actor and he is best known for his role as “Ando Masahashi” on the NBC television series, Heroes. James Kyson has been spotted rocking elevator shoes on several occasion.

Daniel Radcliffe: Daniel Radcliffe is actually 5’5″, he used to be shorter. He has been spotted rocking shoes that are really similar to elevator shoes. He was once spotted rocking a pair of shoe that was reported to add a boost of 2 inches. And just for the record, the whole Harry Potter is among my favourite movie of all time – let’s not talk about the book.,

Omari Hardwick once said, “Shoes make an outfit; they’re like rims for a car”. Chamaripa is saying “keep your outfit tall!”


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