What You Need to Know about the Average Men’s Height and Growing Taller

The society has a great preference for taller men. From the workplace to social events, the society is openly biased towards tall men as other aspects such as qualifications come second. However, many people have been wondering whether there is anything they can do to enhance their height. To demonstrate how you can become taller, this post goes back to the beginning. It explores the factors that affect men’s height, when growth stops, and how you can enhance personal height.

The main factors that affect men’s height

There are many factors that affect a man’s height. However, about 80% of your height is determined by genetics. This means that if your parents are short, you are also likely to become a short man. However, you could end up being slightly taller depending on other factors such as nutrition quality and exposure to diseases. Other conditions that can make you grow into a short man include;

    √ Low birth weight.
    √ Premature birth.
    √ Geographical region.
    √ Stunted growth factors such as illnesses.
    √ Poor nutrition.

Having looked at the different factors that affect growth, one question that never goes away is; what’s the average height for a man? The average height of a man differs with regions. In the US, the average height of a man is 69.3 inches, France is 69.5 inches, Australia is 70 inches, and the Netherlands has the tallest men with 72 inches. However, the Far East countries such as Philippines and Indonesia have the shortest men with an average height of 58 inches.

Note that the outlined figures are only average pointers. In many cases, men feel they are missing in height and are willing to use any method to look taller. You do not need to worry because there are methods that you can use to increase height.

A man’s body stops growing after puberty

When do you stop growing in height? If you want to grow taller, it is important to start working on it as early as possible because growth stops at puberty. Boys between the age of two and nine years grow to about 50 inches. The growth continues to about 65 inches between the age of 10 and 14 years. At puberty, between 15 and 18 years, you will grow to about 70 inches as further growth in height starts slowing down. Note that though most men stop growing in height at puberty, growth still continue thereafter but at a very slow rate.

How to grow taller naturally

To grow taller naturally, you need to start focusing on height as early as possible. Here are some of the best tips you can use to hit the target height depicted by the top models.

    ☆ Use the right diet: Eating the right diet is very important for people who target to grow taller. You should avoid junk and excess sugars that can easily compromise the immunity of the body. Instead, you should always target taking a balanced diet with ample Vitamin D, Calcium, Zinc, proteins, and essentials nutrients.

    ☆ Make sure to regularly take the right exercises: Exercises can make or break your efforts to grow taller. By doing regular exercise, you can increase personal height by a few inches. It is very important to engage in intensive exercises at puberty and during the twenties for optimal growth. The best exercises are those that help the body to stretch such as swimming and hanging. Other exercises you should engage in include the super stretch, skipping rope, and toe touching.

    ☆ Practice good ergonomics: Poor workplace ergonomics and habits can compromise your ability to grow taller. You should avoid sitting down on a computer for very long hours without a break and bending the back when lifting weights. Instead, you should try to always keep the back, neck, and lets straight when walking, and get breaks when working on a computer.
    ☆ Consider using natural enhancements: In some cases, it might be possible to increase your height using enhancements. Visit a medical practitioner to check the available enhancements that can help you hit the targeted height. The secret of using the natural enhancements is selecting only the types that use natural ingredients. It is also recommended that such enhancements are sought early enough before the body stops growing in height.
    ☆ Stay away from all factors that can compromise faster increase in height: One thing you need to appreciate is that the body can only attain optimal growth when it is in the best form. Therefore, you should keep off all factors that can compromise the release and effectiveness of growth hormones. This means staying away from things such as steroids, alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine.

Using height increasing shoes to hit the targeted height

By the time men reach mid-twenties, most of them indicate they did not reach the targeted height. Therefore, they want to still want to look taller with additional inches. What exactly do you do yet the body has stopped growing in height? The answer is height increasing shoes.

Elevator shoes are special footwear designed to help men compensate for lack of height. Whether you are short or tall but still want to appear taller, the shoes will help to elevate you to the perfect point.

    o Hidden Increaser: These are special lifters used on shoes to help increase your height. They work like special insoles that further help to absorb your impact and keep the feet extra comfortable.
    o Outer-soles: This is the outer sole designed to help protect you from the natural step. Most of the outsoles are designed with rubber and are also help to increase the height.
    o Height inserts: These are easy to use accessories sold to help you turn ordinary shoes into height increasing pieces. The good thing about inserts is that they are cheaper, come in different sizes, and you can raise height progressively.

The final take

A man’s height is a culmination of many factors that come into play especially during the early years. However, a lot of men strongly feel that they still want to get some additional inches even after puberty. Simply go for elevator shoes. If you have been wondering what should my shoe size be for my height, the trick is assessing the personal elevation need. If you want to get the elevation gradually, consider going for shoe inserts.


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