What Shoes Can Say About Your Personality: Be Tall Even When You Are Not

Every time you walk, you start from the ground and work your way up. You need to be aware of the path you are going to take until you are confident enough to stall tall with confidence and grace. However, there are some who just don’t have the right attitude to look someone straight in the eye and walk without inhibitions. Because of this, they only usually see the footsteps, the concrete, and the shoes of the person standing beside them. But are you aware that you can sometimes tell someone’s personality just by looking at their shoes?

1. Being tall when everyone is watching

That essential pair we wear every day has more meaning to us than what they just are: from workout shoes to shoes that give height and even to those we normally wear at work, every single garment we put on has meaning.

For example, men’s elevator boots or most commonly known as elevator shoes. In its very essence, they provide additional height to the man wearing them. Meaning, if you are not born with the average height in your country, these shoes can help you get that boost that you want because of the added inches are hidden in the insoles. Height boots are usually worn by stage performers who want to look taller while performing in a big crowd. Let’s say if a rockstar stands exactly 5’6″, they can more personality and length in their performance and feel powerful.

For rockstars, it is important to feel tall to exude a level of confidence that eventually translates to their performance. This, however, is not always the case especially if you are short in the height department. Because of this, it is advisable to wear shoes that provide more height to showcase your personality and become at least 5’10” when wearing elevator shoes on stage.

Shoes have the knack of create=ing an impact in every environment we are in. If you are in the corporate world, you are expected to look sharp to avoid being looked down by your colleagues, particularly from those who are much taller than you. A study created in 2004 show that taller men are more likely to become richer and more successful than their shorter counterparts. It can be a result of the confidence they have because they are more content with their lives, and are in the main happier than the average man simply because they take less effort to be noticeable.

2. Achieve tall status without trying too hard

Scientifically speaking, being tall is mostly a product of genes. If you live in a family of tall people, chances are you will grow up to be one too. Aside from that, if you want to be taller, you should have started taking care of yourself during your younger years, especially while in puberty. Here are things you should have done when you were a teenager:

– sleep better
– maintain a healthy lifestyle
– everyday stretching
– maintain proper posture
– have a positive life
– avoid stress

Since most of these are unavoidable in your youth, we result to find easier remedies to your lack in height. For example, you can simply search men’s shoes taller look and growing taller shoes on the Internet and find the best brand to fit your problem. Because of this wide array of elevator shoes available in the market today, you can achieve tall status without trying too hard just by doing some online shopping. They also fit different occasions from casual to formal event. You also have the option to find the shoes that you want with the additional inches you need to become taller. Moreover, they are totally hidden in the insoles which means those growth vitamins you’ve been drinking growing up are finally working, or so it seems, which is a great thing!

3. When Shoes Do The Talking

If shoes could talk, what do you think would yours say? A shoe is an extension of who we are at some point in our lives. We choose them accordingly based on the atmosphere we are in. Even though our physical appearance is a façade of what we truly are on the inside, we can’t help but want to become the best in the career we are in.

Professional athletes such as tennis players and basketball superstars enjoy the beauty of wearing the latest designer kicks because they are fruits of their labor. Whenever they parade outside the coliseum wearing custom-made shoes, they talk without speaking, saying this is me and this is what I can show to the public through my after-game style. They indulge in these expensive shoes because they worked hard for it, and flaunting your achievements is acceptable. It means you are proud of all your hard work and dedication.

On the other hand, there is still a way to make beautiful shoes more attainable. There are brands who offer, for instance, tall tennis shoes within the $100 up to $150 range. These height increasing shoes can be worn while doing the said sport and even outdoors on a Sunday brunch.

Final Take

In this society, we are all inevitably judged by our physical appearance, emotional stability, and other factors that make us human. In this cruel world, shorter men have more to prove in the workplace because what they lack in height, they must make up for performing better.

Being tall may be an advantage, but competing with them can be accomplished just by adding a few inches in your height through elevator shoes. There are famous actors who wear them, and normal people like us have the aptitude to be tall up to 5-inches or more depending on your preferred height. With this, the idea of taller men being above you might become just a myth with your choice of footwear. And if shoes have something to say about your personality, I say be tall even when you are not with the right accessory.


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