Style Tips for Shorter Men: What a Short Man should Wear

Let’s start by establishing the fact that there is nothing wrong with being short. You didn’t wake up one morning and said to yourself “From today, I will be short.” Yosu’re short because of the components that made up your gene, which is obviously beyond your control. No guy did anything to earn his height or the lack of it. That being established, you are short does not mean you have to look short. There are a lot of ways to maximize your height to make you look taller than you really are.

Do you know Winston Churchill, Jon Stewart, James McAvoy, Daniel Radcliffe and Pablo Picasso? There is something common between these guys are that’s their height. Aside from that don’t you agree that they are a successful lot? Of course, they are saving the world in movies and real life-defining modern art. None of these guys stands above 5’7″ and clearly with their stature they’ve achieved great things taller men could. Their height didn’t become a hindrance to them from making their dream a reality. A lot about height has to do with perception. Your height shouldn’t build a wall between you and your dream, it high time you came to rock styles even as a short man.  Your appearance is on the front line as far as changing that perception is concerned. What we wear should flatter our build, below are tips to what a short man should wear

  1. Wear Fitting Clothes:Baggy clothes won’t do it for a short man, rather than it enhancing your appearance it will flatter your build. Wearing fitting clothes is actually subjected to trend when I say fit I mean you should wear pants that don’t stack up on top of your shoes, sleeves that don’t go past your wrists, shirts that don’t wear like tents, jackets that don’t go past your knees. I am not saying you should wear fit for everything, but then short men look marvellous in fitting clothes. You should also avoid low-waist Trousers, do not sag! I repeat do not sag your trousers. It might look might fancy when you’re in your teenage years but that does not mean it is right and as a short man it makes it obvious that you’re lacking where height is concerned. Wearing your trousers on your natural waistline maximize your leg line making you look taller.
  2. Make Sure Your Shirt Doesn’t Pass Your Hipbone:If you’re wearing a long button-down shirt, you should keep it tucked in all the time. While shopping for your shirts be particular about picking shirts that its hem would not pass your hipbone. Wearing anything longer will make you look small let’s say you’ll look as short as a beer bottle and we don’t want any of that, do we? No, we don’t. The shirt below or on your hip bone gives you a slim line that makes your leg look taller. You also should avoid wearing short sleeves, it creates an illusion of you with a short arm and if your arm is looking short so will another part of your body. So, instead of a short sleeve button down above hip bone shirts wear a long-sleeved shirt. It will make your body look longer and that’s just exactly what you want.

  1. Wear Low Contrast or Monochrome Colour:Do you love dark colours? Or you fancy light colours? Either way, when you dress restrict yourself to colours of the same family. Colours can be different but make sure that the contrasting colour on top and the darker ones on the lower half of your body. This will draw the eyes up when being looked at and give a lengthening effect. Avoiding items that cut the torso in two(no large or bright belts). You should also avoid dressing all in black while trying to stay in the same family colour because instead of it making you taller it achieves the opposite effect. Layering is a skill that you should get familiar with as a shirt man. It enables you to give a slimming effect to your dressing and also help you work your colours inwardly.
  2. Wear Accessories:When it comes to accessories, always keep proportion in mind. Your accessories can make or break your outfit. Don’t get confused about things that constitute your dress accessories examples include Socks, how you wear your socks can really make a great difference to your appearance. The colour of your socks should be the similar colour to your trouser. There are Hats and scarves, these help in adding colours and drawing eyes to your upper body part. You should add a scarf to your dressing since it is a great way of drawing attention to your upper self. Keep the belt slim, 1.5 inches is good. Your belt should not contrast with your appearance. Although it is best to go beltless. Avoid anything that will draw attention below your chest. Avoid wearing flashy shoe and watches.
  3. Wear Elevation Men’s Shoes:The best way to boost your height through your appearance is by wearing elevator shoes. It comes in different designs, different shades and sizes. Moreover, it is a super comforter to wear and it is not noticeable. As a short man you can wear whatever shoe you want, but I will recommend elevators shoe since it gives you that lengthening effect. Elevator shoes can make you 3, 4, 5, 6 inches taller. Rather than wearing a normal shoe, why not wear something that will enhance your build, add to your confidence and make you look taller than you are?
  4. Get a Good Tailor:On the final note, a good Tailor is important to a man irrespective of his height. It is essential to get a tailor who understands your need to appear taller in whatever you wear. A tailor who will sew you fitting attires and not baggy ones. A tailor who will offer you professional advice on layering. If you don’t have a great tailor there is the high tendency of you wearing clothes that won’t suit your builds and make you look shorter and people assuming you’re younger than you actually are. Get a good Tailor. Your tailor should be your favourite person where fashion is concerned.


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