Are you waiting for when short guys are going to become the recent trend or should I say the most sorts after? Well, I will be delighted to tell you, that day isn’t coming well unless hell freezes over. The logic behind it is simple, girls love taller guys. It is in a rare case you will ask a girl what qualities she wants in her ideal man and she won’t mention “Tall” as one of the attributes.

Is it a crime to be short? Of course, it isn’t. Although a short guy might not be most girls ideal, a lot of short guys are in a relationship with beautiful, intelligent, and great girls. I know you’re wondering how’s that is possible, even when you are not very tall you see guys shorter than you with girls wrapped in their arms and you’re not getting any lady to sight the signal you’ve been sending all along. Keep calm I am going to share five ways you can appear taller and get that girl of your dream.

  1. DRESS WELL: Apart from your heights putting you at a disadvantage, your dressing shouldn’t buttress that fact. You should learn to Dress well. Ladies are attracted to what they see and you don’t want them seeing you dressed in a way that says “Hey I’m short I know you wouldn’t want me”. Trust me that won’t do you any good.

Here are some simple ways you can dress to look taller. The formula for dressing taller isn’t really that difficult to learn, it’s just a matter of sticking with a few rules of thumb when buying clothes. Wear fitted clothes and suits that stay especially close to the body. Discard those baggy clothes they make you look wider, instead of taller. You should also add accessories to your dressing precisely the accessory should be added to the high-up on your body. The idea is to draw other peoples’ eyes to your upper body, thus creating the illusion of more height. They are fun to wear and can include hats, glasses, lapel pins, tie pins, and pocket squares. Wear clothes with colors within the same color and stick with light or dark color. It avoids breaking the body line and makes one look taller

  1. BE CONFIDENT: Should I tell you what a girl can’t resist in a man? Confidence. A confident man is comfortable, calm, and collected. He makes everyone feel good, inspire others and attracts women like a magnet. Positivity shines through his personality, even when things aren’t going well. No matter what obstacles come his way, he is ready to fight and get past them. Having self-confidence means you are good at something and you are not shy or afraid to do it. Confidence is the source of power, to inspire others and gaining others’ confidence. Whether it’s about mastering your skills or building competence, the benefits are well worth the effort. In almost every situation in life, self-confidence comes into play. Higher self-confidence can get you a date with a pretty woman, crack an interview, or give an outstanding speech in front of thousands of people. In fact, high self-esteem wins over everything – physical attractiveness, intelligence, money, etc. High self-confidence makes a man more powerful, and respectable. Whereas, low self-esteem can make you less valuable than you actually are. The thing is that most women are not that dumb. Theycan tell the difference between genuine masculinity and overcompensation, even if unconsciously. That try-hard “manliness” is repulsive to all but the most air-headed of them. For your height to be a non-issue to women (and other people), it must first be a nonissue to you. You are the leader here. You are the one who sets the tone for how other people should treat you. If you ignore the fact that you appear “short” compared to other men, then the women you approach will be much less apt to notice your height, especially if you are only slightly shorter than average.
  2. BE SOCIAL AND FUNNY: Women get easily attracted to men with personality. If you a crowd puller and you enjoy mingling with people, you’ll be surprised that you will find yourself surrounded by beautiful ladies in no time. Women naturally love to be around guys who are desired by others. So, you should go out; attend parties, visit the cinema, get involved in various social activities. Develop a lovable personality always find a way to bring the group together and soon you will have ladies at your beck and call. A funny man, on the other hand, is surrounded by an aura that it is hard for ladies to resist. The survey has it that ladies will rather go for a funny man than a serious one. Learn to crack jokes, although that’s not everyone’s thing. You can learn to wear a smile every time or you can take a comedy class. When you make a lady laugh he gets really comfortable with your presence and your height won’t matter a bit. Funny men are attractive, get a funny bone into that body of yours.
  3. SHOW GENUINE INTEREST: It shouldn’t always be about your height; you’ll be surprised how quick a lady looks beyond that when you show her real interest. You shouldn’t be body-conscious to the extent that when a lady is around you she feels unwanted. A lady knows when you are showing genuine interest in her and when you’re not. You can start by paying attention to her body language, talk about common interests, help her in achieving her dreams, be kind to her, tease her playfully, and get to know what she likes. Doing these amidst other will show her you’re really interested.
  1. GET MEN’S ELEVATION SHOE: Just like women, men are also conscious of their heights. Women find taller guys attractive and where does that leave the shorter lots. A short female can still enhance her height by putting on high heels but there are no heels for men. The good news is there are Elevation Shoes for Men, it looks like a regular leather shoe, but it has been designed to secretly increase your heights by at least 4 inches. It comes in all shapes, sizes, and styles. If you fancy a tennis shoe, a dress shoe or boots Elevation shoes for men got you covered. It looks just like normal shoes very discrete when looked at from the outside. It easily adds inches to your actual height without revealing anything about your real height.

Peter Dinklage is 135 cm tall and yet he has a tall beautiful wife beside him. Height is just one of the traits that can make you attractive to a girl. Some of these are in your control, some are not. Focus on the former than the latter.


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