Short Man’s Guide to Looking Dapper on Formal Events – Heel Shoes For Guys

I recently attended a friend’s wedding and I went there with people noticing how different I looked compared to my college years. It wasn’t really a big deal until someone mentioned how much I have changed throughout the years and how one drastic change made me feel like a million bucks, at least from all the compliments I received that night. Okay, I’m not a tall guy. I’m merely 5 foot 8 inches and most of my college buddies are much taller than I am. But I had one thing to hold on to. Even when I was younger I enjoy dressing up for different occasions. I am not afraid to take risks with my sartorial choices and I always go for miles just to make splashing a statement. That night at my friend’s wedding, I came in wearing a slim cut black suit with piping details and a nice blue linen shirt. I finished my look with a black bowtie, an insect brooch, and nice patent black loafers type of mens dress shoes that add height. After that night, I realized how a simple look can make an impact if you know how to play with proportions. Here’s the short man’s guide to looking dapper on formal events:

Style tip #1: Grooming

Taking care of your skin and hair should start at a very young age. You should use anti-aging creams once you reach your twenties and it should not stop when you are not doing anything. Skincare is an important part of our daily lives. We should have a morning routine before we leave the house as well as an evening routine before we go to sleep. It may sound like a vanity case but it really is not.

Always use a face cleanser or facial wash to clean your face. Do think after taking a bath. Moreover, ensure the product you will use complements your skin type. There are five skin types’ namely dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, normal skin, and sensitive skin. You have to be aware of your skin type to know the right product to use. After that, use a toner to further clean your face and minimize your pores. Lastly, always apply moisturizer, sunblock, and lotion to your face and body. If you like to keep your face clear from facial hair, use a shaving cream with mint for the cooling effect and don’t forget to use an aftershave.

With regards to your hairstyle, we suggest going up rather than going down. This is to make you look taller than you actually are. An additional height caused by your choice of hairstyle is an instant height enhancing technique all short men should live by in order to grow a few inches, at least on photographs.

Style Tip #2: The Suit

I always enjoy going to formal events. It is the best excuse to feel handsome with all the glitz and glamour. We suggest keeping it classy with either black or navy suit that is custom made to your size. Cut the hemline of the suit right above your hips and the length of the sleeves half an inch above the wrist. This technique will help you look taller in photos because you will shrink the clothes to its proper proportions. Your pants should land above your choice of mens dress shoes that add height. You can go for any color you want but we also suggest going for the classic black or dark brown for a debonair looking finish. Finish your look with a crisp white cotton shirt that hugs your body perfectly. Do not buy an item of clothing that is either one size too big or too small. It should always be the right measurement.

Style Tip #3: The Elevator Shoes

Shoes are the determinant and play like an identification on where you are status wise. Make sure the heel shoes for guys are made from quality leather and are strictly mens dress shoes 2 inch heel type of elevator shoes. This specific type of shoe is made to give you an additional boost in height aside from the outside one-inch heel on most dress shoes. Elevator shoes have this thing called lifts that are hidden in between the outsole and the insole of the shoes. Meanwhile, you won’t have to worry about anyone noticing them since they are invisible to the public eye. This means, only you and you alone know about the shoe lifts for dress shoes from your elevator shoes.

Yes, elevator shoes are kind of amazing! They give you additional height and you won’t have to worry especially if you are a short guy being photographed next to your taller peers. Looking tall maybe because of genetics, but the illusion is the one thing only smart dressers know. By hiding what you don’t have and looking for alternatives to flaunt what you can have. In this case, two more inches simply because of a pair of shoes.

Style Tip #4: Accessories

Now that we have covered shoes that make guys look taller, let’s discuss the power of accessories. Most men forget the importance of wearing accessories and doing it the right way. We are talking about necklaces, bracelets, neckties, cumber bands, bowties, socks, vests, and pocket squares. Every little detail of your formal wear look should be scrutinized by your first before deciding to go public. Formal attire requires intense preparation from head to toe, and we do not want you to look like everyone else in attendance, or worse looking like one of the servers at the buffet table.

Using accessories is actually easy once you get the hang of it. The major factor you have to consider here is the importance of a focal point. If you want people to focus on your face, wear a nice necktie that can lead the eye going upwards. If you want people to adore your hard work at the gym, use a cumber band instead of a vest. Everything is about the focal point and once you master it, you can get away with almost anything!


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