Styling 101: Short Man’s Ultimate Head to Toe Makeover-Tall Shoes For Short Guys

Once we reach past our teenage years, we let go of fashionable choices that can sometimes cost us our future. We can’t wear neon unlike before when getting wasted at a college party were acceptable. In the real world or in the corporate world in that matter, what we wear is an indirect projection of what we want to become a few years from where we currently stand. Of course, other factors need to be pondered as to how us, short men have more to prove compared to our peers who towers over us. Since we live in a world where our every little detail is depicted on social media, we have become more conscious of what, where, when, and who we include in our daily lives as we post on our social media profiles. It is somehow a shame to even think that we cannot become our full selves because of it. It is something we dread but we simply can’t get away from it now.

Centuries ago, only the rich and aristocratic can wear wigs or silk, unlike today where fashion has become fast and the real business of making clothes produces thousands of knockoffs from other brands who do not respect creativity as part of their own. However, this trend can also backfire since some creative directors from big brands also commit that same charlatan act of plagiarism. Simply put it this way: we are judged today not just by our achievements and goals, but with our physical appearance as well. In order to stay current and relevant in today’s fashion-obsessed world, we just need to know the basics of dressing up whether you are as tall as a giant or a short like a high school student. So, how to look taller when you are short?

Height isn’t the biggest hindrance in dressing up, but it is your will to look presentable even when you have already given up. Here, we will give you important styling tips to live by without the pressure of ever-changing trends to bring you down. Here’s the ultimate short men’s head to toe makeover that covers your everyday grooming to your clothes to tall shoes for short guys. 

  1.    Hairstyle for short height man

One of the few tricks I learned to look tall in photographs and in real life is the power of a great haircut. I’ve tried a lot of haircuts from mohawks to fades to long locks to anything to know that your hair play an important role in your life. First, you need to know the shape of your head before going to a barber and ask for a pompadour. While that hairstyle is the suggested cut for you to add a few inches in height because of the pouf, this specific style is hard to maintain. You will need a hair blower, pomade, different sets of hairbrushes, hairspray, and the will to invest at least 20 to 30 minutes of your time just to get it done properly. Remember, a bad hair day is a no fun day. If you can’t commit to looking like an English man with great locks, we suggest going for a perpetual bed head. This hairstyle is a no-brainer. It’s the combination of rugged and sexy. The best part is it won’t really take too much of your time just to make it work. Just dry your hair and put pomade in different locks. This messy look is on trend right now from Robert Pattinson to Michael Fassbender.

  1.    Clothes for short guys

Clothing is actually a different realm since every individual has its own personal style. For short men, you can actually go for any style you like as long as it is cut to flaunt your assets. Make sure the hem of your shirt isn’t too long and the cut of your pants end just below your ankles. Do not wear long clothes because it will shrink your physical appearance more and you will look like you are wearing clothes that aren’t fit for your actual size. Furthermore, you should own these style essentials for a street style credibility: A crisp white long-sleeved shirt, a white tee shirt that fits you perfectly, khaki pants, denim jeans, black suit, blue suit, leather jacket, beige trench coat, and a number of plain shirts. According to some women, they respond positively to men who can pull off a simple white shirt and still look like he means business. The clothes you wear can actually help define your relationship status. Of course, the women you like will respond better to men who they think is at par with them physically, mentally, and career-wise. While success isn’t measured with the clothes you are wearing, it still plays an integral part if you want to be in command or respected. There are memes on social media stating men who are dress simple are more successful compared to men who are dressed in head to toe high fashion. While this stereotype isn’t completely true or false, just keep in mind that these billionaires who do not spend much on clothing do not mean they do not own a bespoke suit in their closet. They simply know what works best for them and sport them the best way they know how.

  1.    Shoes for short height man

A pair of shoes is the most integral part for short men who want to look tall. Opt for shoes called elevator shoes for men and make it a lifestyle. These shoes are crafted to fit the daily lives of men who want to add a few inches in their height. The lifts found inside the shoes are hidden carefully to make that additional boost in height invisible to others. This means no one, except you, knows why you suddenly became taller. Elevator shoe brand like Chamaripa shoes for short guys display a variety of shoe designs from formal, casual, leisure, and athletic to fit different styles of men. They even make those classic brown oxford shoes with additional 2-inches in height to make you look like a million bucks in your favorite navy suit.  


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