Overcome Quarter-Life Crisis By Standing Tall

There’s a certain moment when we reach a low point in our lives and feel like nothing we ever do is working. Usually during mid-twenties until 30 years old, waking up becomes a hard thing to do and we start doubting our life choices, question our worth, and sadly imagine that everything just can’t seem to function. In Psychology, that specific moment is called a quarter-life crisis and almost every human being experiences it. However, it is sometimes harder for short men to be in that said bubble, because above all the low self-esteem issues, they are also not comfortable with their height, that you sometimes ask yourself how to make me tall, all that plus other factors that make every waking day hard. But how do we overcome it?

The quarter-life crisis comes in the most unexpected moments and places, and it is best to start finding an answer to all our existential problems as well as our physical problems.

Studies show that taller men are more likely to become successful and richer in their careers compared to their shorter counterparts. Being in that quarter-life crisis phase, we do not need that stigma going through our heads, because no one wants to be a wallflower in the workspace, where even when you do that same quantity and quality of work, the tall one is still the one being noticed. Frankly, we just do not want to be unnoticed especially when we work so hard to achieve what we are set out to do. Thankfully, there are heeled shoes for guys called elevator shoes that help short men become the tall person they deserve to be. These are actual men’s shoes with hidden heels that may help lessen some your worries while experiencing quarter-life crisis. With this, being noticed in the workplace won’t be a problem anymore because you have the additional height to help you get through the day. Moreover, the additional height of these elevator shoes provide are totally hidden, which means no one will know the reason why you suddenly became tall.

Stand tall wherever you are, whatever you do

Elevator shoes are man shoes with heels that are height increasing shoes, 5 inches the highest, that not only provide additional height but also fixes the wearer’s posture. In the workplace, confidence is key to being noticed and one trait of confident people is an attitude. When you have proper posture, you will feel taller and no one can ruin your cool. Most tall men have automatic confidence in them because they do not have to do more than those who are on the shorter side. With hidden platform shoes, you will be able to get a glimpse on how it is being tall while wearing those shoe lifts for men’s dress shoes like a boss. Furthermore, if you are in that what seems to be a low point in your life, at least feeling tall will counter all those problems you are facing while experiencing quarter-life crisis.

Quarter-life crisis is normal, just find a way to get out of it

In all honesty, no one wants to be put in this position. We all want to live our lives in a smooth sailing manner, but no matter how content we think we are, we will, more often than not, experience quarter-life crisis. The first thing we have to remember is that we are not alone in this bubble, most people who are in that age range feel this way and it is a normal feeling. However, one must find a way to get out of it.

This momentous occurrence is not something we have to face alone. We get to this stage because we feel that there are so much more we can achieve, but think we do not have the time to do it. Focus is the best way to overcome quarter-life crisis and realize that we cannot solve world problems within a day. Moreover, we have to become more realistic with our goals, stand up, and just start doing it! Generally speaking, don’t just dream it, be it. A quarter-life crisis occurs when we start having that uncertainty of our future. Stand tall, walk, and have confidence in what you do.

Let go of the youth in you, and accept more responsibility

There are two words that can’t seem to mesh well with one another: youth and responsibility. When we are at the peak of our youth, we feel that we can achieve great things, and you probably could. Being young is something we have to cherish while it lasts, and have to let go in order to accept responsibility.

When we let go of the youth in us, we start to accept that paying the bills, being great at your job, and being precise in everything we do is more important for now, than YOLO-ing with our college buddies on a weekday, even though we have to wake up early for a morning meeting.

It is wise for anyone in that quarter-life stage to start letting go of the youth in them, and accept more responsibility because once we do, those greater things we once dreamed of can turn into a reality – short or not.

Quarter-life crisis is a pain in the butt. Realistically speaking, this is a moment n our life where everything is in shambles. We are in total pandemonium and nothing fits. Again, being in that bubble is okay and all we need is to realize that it is normal. Find your inner peace and just go on with your life. Stand tall even when you are not the average height with elevator shoes, find your balance, and walk towards achieving your goal.

Furthermore, finding inner peace means taking a deep breath before facing any challenges. Being a short guy and experiencing quarter-life crisis seems impossible, but once you start feeling tall, you will ideally become tall. Maybe not physically, but mentally tall. And the best way to overcome quarter-life crisis is by standing.


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