How to Add 5 inches in Height Without Exerting Too Much Effort

 Tall people have it easy on them. They easily get noticed without breaking a single sweat and they look better in almost anything they wear. Aside from this, receiving compliments seems effortless both outside and within the workplace because they own a commanding persona that most short people can only dream of. However, you can actually go beyond the average height with one simple solution: by purchasing 5 inches taller shoes and making it a part of your everyday life.

How to get taller men?

During the seventies, elevator shoes were created to fix, in some ways, do not have the proper posture of men and women. Since its discovery,  big and tall men shoes, as we call it often now, became widely known worldwide where men can add additional 2-inches up to 5-inches just like the heels for women. Furthermore, these elevator shoes are designed to hide the said elevation because they are hidden in the insoles. This means an average 5 foot 9 inches can instantly become 6 foot 2 inches without dropping a single sweat. Moreover, elevator shoes have evolved to more trendy and street-savvy designs where the wearer can achieve 100% sartorial success without anyone knowing the additional height they added caused by the shoes they are wearing. If you are looking for shoes to be taller, elevator shoes are probably the best solution to all your height conundrum.

Chamaripa shoes offer a wide selection of elevator shoes from big and tall men’s dress shoes to tall platform heels, boots, sandals, sneakers, and rubber shoes. Some of its saleable items are wedding dress shoes that can be bought within a reasonable price range of $100 up to $250.

Why short men need that extra 5 inches?

Let’s be realistic: tall is might and height is what you would want to get most of the things you want in life and career. According to studies, the most desirable height for a man is 6 foot 2 inches and those who are not within that realm are hardly noticed. By adding that 5-inches through elevator shoes, the said desired height can be attainable.

What to do after the achieving the additional 5 inches?

Once you get the height you always wanted to have, the next step is to actually take your personal style up a notch. Women are more likely to respond positively to men who know how to take good care of themselves. From grooming to your everyday clothes, you must always consider looking your best before entertaining the thought of becoming a real powerhouse.

Before anyone notices the clothes you are wearing, everyone must start by looking at your clean face. As early as 20 years old, every man should have a daily morning and evening routines to keep their faces hydrated and well-groomed. Most men follow a simple five-step rule in the morning and a six-step rule in the evening.

  1. Facial Wash

After a long day strolling around the city, our face will be covered with dirt and do not want that. Washing your face the moment you wake up and before going to bed is important to avoid getting acne and other skin rashes. Facial wash helps remove dead skin cells, dirt, oil, and other skin pollutants caused by the busy and bustling city. Every man needs to keep their face clean at all times, after all, we do not know the next person we will encounter, and we want a fresh face when that happens.

  1. Toner

This is mostly considered as a secret weapon for anyone who has clear skin because they cleanse the face, tightens the pores, balances the pH level of your face, adds extra protection to your skin, can be used as an additional moisturizer, and essentially refreshes the skin. Moreover, toners help remove the extra dirt on your face that facial wash sometimes does not cover.

Using a toner after your daily facial wash can help set the next cream you will apply to your face. Toners must be part on both your morning and evening beauty skin care regimen.

  1. Moisturizer

Our body is composed mostly of water and once we reach the end of our puberty, the said water will become lower and lower. That is one of the reasons why we need to at least drink 7 glasses of water daily and by that, we should also use a product that will help hydrate our skin. Our skin is the first defense against bacteria and dirt, which means taking care of it is paramount. By applying moisturizer to our face is enough to keep our faces hydrated because they are made of ingredients that help keep our skin soft and smooth.

  1. Sunscreen

Whenever you go outside or stay inside the house, we should always protect our skin from UV rays from the sun and even our house lights. According to a dermatologist, applying sunscreen every day will help keep our skin strong and young looking, even when you do not have plans of going out. Apply sunscreen both in the morning and in the evening, especially with lights still shining brightly.

 5. Aging cream

Our skin will not be young forever. We will see the difference between we were young up to our age as of the moment. Aging creams are made to keep the skin looking young and desirable to yourself and to others. Even when we are 40 years old or older, we still want to keep our skin intact and strong.


Nothing really stops even after you achieve the height that you longed for. Getting that additional 5-inches still include taking care of our physical appearance. Being the center of attention needs attention by itself. No matter what age – being old is inevitable – we still need to maintain a positive persona to be respected and live a life like you drank from the fountain of youth.




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