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Insoles are bits of material inside your shoes or boots to provide maximum padding, insulation as well as a perfect match. The main aim of insoles also related to as ‘footbeds’ or ‘under soles,’ is to keep shoes very convenient to wear. Though insoles don’t turn a shoe smaller literally, the insides of the shoe fill up the hollow space around your feet. Insoles are also a way to maintain shoes new because they are reusable and cleanable. However, when shoes are too wide, they can be used along with toe inserts, offering extra support.

Chamaripa is famous for adding 1-5 extra inches to our Elevator Shoes;for people sick of getting lost throughout the crowd. Well, what if you need just a slight increase? That is how the CMR Shoes and Insoles are fitting in. The Chamaripa product offers a range of elevator shoe lifts including comfort extensions which provide a slight increase in addition to their sneakers, sandals and leather boots which make you taller. These insoles, quite as significantly, continue to give the strength and harmony that people seek for significantly better body function. Connect them to your current footwear or a pair of our lift shoes to boost your efficiency in every part of your life.

A shoe’s insole seems to be the secret to keeping day round on your feet. The perfect materials lower the weight and load on your feet, which will allow you to step faster. This, in turn, decreases the risk of injuries, illnesses as well as other significant issues relating to inadequate footwear. Chamaripa height-increasing shoe insoles use the components that suit your foot whereas trying to hold it, pointing in the appropriate path. Order men’s and women’s full- or half-sole elevator extensions which will keep your height raise through time. For every form of the foot, there is stuff such as memory foam insoles, massaging insoles, gel insoles, breathable inserts and high-arch inserts.

The 5 inches increase that someone can get from a full-fledged elevator shoe won’t be possible to get it with height-increasing insoles. Defend on your size, as long as your boots provide space for them you may rely on such an increase from 1⁄2-inch to 1.5 inches. Use adjustable lift insoles so you can modify the increase to fit your requirements. To provide you walking or running for years to follow, Chamaripa has the best shoe products for safety, fitness and trust. If you have any queries, contact our customer support team, we’d like to consider you among our 100,000 plus happy clients.


The most prominent factors for choosing an insole is to allow your shoe look slightly smaller and perfect match. Regular shoe sizes can integrate differently based on where you’re shopping, and finding an inseam length can sometimes be challenging. Often the best choice is to pick a slightly too large shoe, then insert an insole to fill up a bit more of the shoe for a much more snug fit. The right insole that is too large for shoes depending on personal choice. You can also add a bunch of unique insoles to cover the shoe out.

In addition to seeking to make your shoes fit nicely, insoles can make your feet stay warmer too. You may put an additional coating to protect your feet when the temperature is freezing. Insoles may help eliminate sores, as well. A narrower shoe will not wipe off as much and cause discomfort as well as unpleasantness.

Insoles can also be used to assist with body corrections. Specialized in such kinds of insoles, they are recognized as orthotics or orthotic insoles. They can be tailored to offer adequate therapy for particular concerns affecting standing, walking or running, providing arch support where necessary.


Advanced height-lifting shoe insoles don’t transmit to those surrounding you. These aren’t voluminous and transparent like height-lifting shoes were decades ago. New insoles suit discreetly in your favorite pair. The insole contributes to the average height perception. Relatives and friends may note you’re a bit taller, though, with a moderate increase in height, they won’t think you’re wearing height-lifting insoles.

The insoles fit in your shoes each day and can be matched with around any design. Like built-in elevator shoes, you can use the insoles of your favorite brand shoes so you can change them. They can be used for different shoes.

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Insoles exist in multiple types with specific benefits and drawbacks. Including:

Foam is perhaps the most widely accepted, least expensive, and predominantly celebrated stuff. The foam absorbs fright instinctively, is rigorous but always reliable. It might dress down fast, though.

Memory insoles foam are flawlessly sculpted to the texture of your foot, making them extremely convenient to dress up and longlasting.

Insoles of Gel are an excellent purchase for too large heels, as they boost grip, halt slipping and help alleviate pain, especially in feet balls.

Insulated insoles with air. They deliver ultimate safety and padding. Air-cushioned insoles produce pressure air particles within a protective foam bottom, which prolongs your shoes’ existence.

The insoles of leather is another perfect choice for you. Cowhide leather is hardwearing and durable, offering excellent arch protection.


Generally, the size for an insole is referred to as a. variety of shoe size. “male’s 8-10” for example (every manufacturer chooses various sizes). For many of full-length insoles, it’s because the insoles are made to be modified before using it (cut-to-fit), the insoles are made to be placed in a variety of shoe sizes. When inserting the insole, the user is required to prune off any unnecessary length from the edge of the insole. The size range on the label for 3/4 length insoles as well as other product parts shows the footwear sizes wherein the insoles/inserts can be used conveniently; 3/4-length insoles and inserts are not commonly meant to be modified in any way.


Insoles are not all that risky for normal regular use, and that they can offer additional advantages for your feet. They are entirely suitable for walking and standing, but we do not suggest using them for intense athletic activities. Height-lifting shoe insoles can help enhance body position and relieve strict hips. If you are shorter in height, you can also experience lower back pain due to a shorter than normal Achilles tendon. The insoles can elongate the backbone, relieve the lumbar and spinal load and provide pelvic protection.


Until you need a precise orthotic insole, it depends on the particular line up troubles you have with your shoes and what is comfy for you to choose the most delicate insole for oneself.

If your heel is slipping, or your shoes’ heels are rubbing, a good gel heel fix can help you solve the issue. If that isn’t enough, though, a half-insole might help.

These are engineered primarily to support the heel but do not have protection for the foot front. If your shoe contains much more space, try a full insole for optimum comfort and support. Just choose the size of the insole to suit your shoe size.

If your feet’s balls are hurting or achy, particularly while carrying high heeled shoes, a foot comfort ball may give additional relief by reducing the metatarsal bone stress. Indeed, these pads are thinner than a complete insole, so they work better in thinner heels or tight-fitting shoes while offering protection for your feet.

If your heels are too large, toe inserts can be a great addition to the shoe front.

A decent insole must have a combination of strong, hard-wearing frameworks as well as lighter structural features that perform together to reorient your feet


The reality that these lifts are either positioned within your shoes or in your socks implies that neither of you can assume your using something to make yourself appear taller.

These insoles provide significant support to the heel and foot arch to better avoid serious foot problems and discomfort.

Perfect for managing variations in leg length. 

Extendable layer stacking device will give you height gain of up to 1.5 inches.

Adjustable stacking feature allows fast and simple adjustment of the height of your heel.


For someone attempting to boost their height, we suggest height-lifting shoe insoles. In a natural-looking sense, shorter people will appreciate the optimism and beauty of height. Height-lifting insoles can be used by medium and sometimes even tall guys to improve their size and defeat the opposition.

In recent times height-lifting insoles have become truly more discreet and versatile. A professional insole is robust and moisture-free, which can deliver height improvement for convenient and minimal tenancy. Size lifting shoe insoles affect your self-belief, social position and quality of life positively. There is no excuse for not having them a try.

If you still have trouble getting comfortable in your feet, check out our Chamaripa lift shoe and insole for some extra support.


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