How to Avoid Falling into the Impulse Shoes Shopping Traps

For many people, shopping is not as enjoyable an event as it should be. There have even been cases of addiction to shopping, especially for clothes and shoes shopping that one does not necessarily need. Shopping problems often start gradually and grow into a huge problem. To make sure that those regular visits to the department store do not culminate into a problem, here are some few helpful tips when going shopping.

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Be targeted

When shopping, have a specific target in mind and stick to it. Shoppers are advised to go with lists prepared beforehand to reduce the likelihood of them spending on things they do not want or need. The rationale here is that this is hard earned cash and precious time. The least one could do is to spend some time thinking about what to spend it on. The best way is to this is to conduct what in business is called a gap analysis. Review what is in the wardrobes and what is needed to fill in the gaps without going overboard. This should help when coming up with a list.


Another reason why people overspend is that they have no parameters on their spending budgets. Responsible shopping calls for the setting of an approximate figure or a specific number. This might require a little research on the prices of what to buy beforehand. When making the budget, think about what is needed and what is available to be spent. Of course for a section of the population money might not be a problem. However, not everyone can confidently say that, so setting a budget is absolutely necessary.

Payment methods

According to research, when online shopping shoes, customers pay between 20 and 50 percent more when they make their payments with credit cards as opposed to paying with cash. The reason behind this is that people often feel that the money is not real because of its intangible nature. Once the budget has been set, withdraw the amount in cash and pay for it so. This feels real and will no doubt curb the extravagances of doing it with credit or debit cards. Online shopping has obviously thrown a spanner in the works. A strict budget will still help when looking to buy high heels online. Online shopping might even be helpful since it is easier to avoid the usual pitfalls of buying items on sale. Internet searches are specific, and this makes it easy to stick to the shopping list.

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Shopping should be taken with as much seriousness as any other activity. It should be done at the best of times when the person involved is relaxed and physically alert. Many people prefer the late nights when the outlets are not too busy. Shopping should not be done when the customer is feeling unwell, bored, tired or upset. These are not the bet states of mind to facilitate responsible shopping practices. Financial advisors almost always attack the expenditures of the people they are trying to help first before anything else. These tips will help shopper avoid falling into impulse buying traps.


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