What to Look For When Choosing Men High Heel Shoes: What the Shoe Attendant Will Not Tell You

Buying a shoe is a lot like buying a car. One walks into a dealership with something in mind, but when they walk out, it has to be a car that they want people to see them in, and one they feel comfortable driving. It is this perfect combination of comfort and style that buyers of Indian high heels crave every time they shop. Just like the car purchase idea, it is important to have some knowledge before making a purchase decision.

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Shopping time

At the end of the day, feet are likely to be swollen from all the activity and moving around during the day; this is the ideal time for a shopping trip for some high heel shoes. Do not buy in the morning and regret later when the shoes do not fit as perfectly during that evening as they did in the morning when shopping.


This seems obvious a bit redundant, but go for the right size and fit. The problem here comes when doing online shopping, where one often does not get the chance to fit their high heeled platform shoes before they are delivered. Remember different brands have different size specifications, so be careful when buying a completely new brand. Nonetheless, most people are loyal to a single brand, meaning they can make purchase decisions with a bit of surety.

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Everyone wants the best when it comes to high heel formal shoes for men in India. They are a statement to the world on one’s sense of style. However, everyone likes a cheap deal. For the lowest prices, try the department stores. You will find stylish shoes in these stores, a few seasons old, but still able to complement that dress or suit. Very few people will even notice the difference, as they look just as stylish. Online shopping is also useful when looking for bargains because online shops typically have lower prices. Secondly, it is easier to make comparisons between different designers, brands and outlets.

The Sole

Small details make the difference when shopping for different items, and for the high heel shoe, it is the sole. Wearing heels puts incredible pressure on the soles of the feet. It is therefore important to look for heels which have enough cushioning and padding. When heels have enough padding, the wearer will have enough support and comfort. Many heel insoles are designed to shape the inside of the foot and have the wearer walking as anatomically correct as possible.

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The material the shoe is made of is another important aspect. While synthetic heels might be cheaper, they do not last too long. On the other hand, leather or suede heels are not only long lasting but supple and are able to adjust to the shape of the foot. Learn to read the labels too; if it says man-made or man-made upper, then these are synthetics. Leather and suede are normally labeled leather upper and suede upper.
Heels will only give the combination of comfort and style when chosen carefully. Go for the right quality, price, size and design.


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