Techniques to Look Taller Than the Average Height

Tall people have imposing qualities. They enforce a commanding effect whenever they step foot in a crowd. They are more noticeable because they’re taller than the rest, especially to those who are just right on the mark or below the average height. These tall people, in whatever they do or wherever they go, are just simply more than those men on the shorter side. Height is something that men who possess this quality can take pride in. After all, not everyone has the chance to say I’m tall and I don’t have anything to worry about. Thankfully, there are different height enhancing techniques for short men to look taller than the average height.

Once our growth hormones stop producing, the most rational thing to do is look for other options just to attain the height that we want, or at least close to it. There are men’s dress shoes that add height as well as easy to do activities just to stretch those dormant muscles and loosen those ball joints. In reality, everything thing has a possible solution once we start finding them without any excuses. Simply put it this way: If you are short, find a way to look tall.

1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

A person is dependent on the nutrients and minerals it injects on the body. If one has the consciousness to maintain a healthy lifestyle which includes eating right with the proper diet, all the vitamins and minerals a person intakes will help with boost development and especially growth. Eat food that targets the progress of cell growth and the lean tissues. With this, your healthy body will release growth hormones even after puberty.

Aside from the growth quality benefits, maintaining a healthy lifestyle also prevents you from the risk of suffering from chronic diseases such as heart attack and blood clot. Once you watch what you eat, your body will adjust to your new diet plan and blood circulation will be more regular as compared to those years where you spend time eating processed food that was never good for your body. It is also important to note that we are the ones who hold possession of our bodies, if we take care of it, the more chances of us living a longer and more peaceful life.

2. Exercise not for photos, but for fitness

When you reach the age of 25 or more, staying active with proper exercise becomes a necessity rather than a want. With daily exercise, our body will prevent itself from depleting because we essentially take care of it. Other than that, it is advisable to be aware of the true value of stretching.

Stretching releases, the tension between your muscles, where you can add at least a few inches in your height once you start doing them. For beginners with no flexibility, do not fret because even though they seem hard, you will always see guaranteed progress with continuity.

Crossfit training fitness man doing plank core exercise working out his midsection core muscles. Fit male fitness instructor planking exercising outside in summer on beach.

Fitness is such an important aspect of our life that when we do not take it seriously, we will not be able to enjoy the good things in life, such as:

– You will become unhappy and not content
– You will not feel good about your body
– You will get tired easier than men who are more fit
– Your dreams of having more height will just be as they are, dreams
– You will have low self-esteem
– You won’t be able to wear the clothes that you want because they won’t fit well

Fitness is a mindset and it is there for a reason: you need to be fit physically because it also affects your cognitive, emotional, and mental growth. Aside from stretching, short men need to find an exercise that will fit their body type and body goal. For example, if you wish to become lean rather than buff, only carry weights that are not too heavy to tone your muscles. Furthermore, it is also advisable for short men who wish to look taller to avoid becoming rip, because those extra bulk will make you look short than sharp.

3. There’s no shame with heel shoes for guys

Physical appearance is important in the workplace. When we look good, we feel good about ourselves and this is where fashion becomes the real deal. Most men think fashion is just about clothes and glamor, and though there is some truth to it, fashion has and will always be a reflection of our time. They reflect the changes in economy, politics, and culture.

Furthermore, while the idea of fashion is usually the tall guy with perfect bone structure and perfect hair, there are average men who want to enjoy what this multibillion-dollar industry even though they are not included in the ideal. Short men who want to have enhancement with their height have options for them that are both fashionable and functional.

On that note, there are shoes that make guys look taller called elevator shoes. They are mostly men’s dress shoes with 2-inch heels and other types of footwear from casual to corporate that come in different designs and height.

For example, these shoe lifts for dress shoes can boost a short man’s height up to 5” or more, depending on their preference. One more thing about dress shoes is its function to improve a person’s posture. Posture, just like stretching is something that starts off hard, but once you get the hang of it, it will be like you never had any difficulty, to begin with.

Elevator shoes, in its own beauty, add additional height to the wearer with the public noticing it. Why? The additional height is hidden inside the insoles which means only you, the wearer, is aware of the said boost caused by the elevator shoes. Naturally, there is absolutely no shame with *heels shoes for guys because no one can know except you.

Lastly, shoes complete the look. If you are confident about your choice of footwear, the rest of your outfit will follow.



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