Gift Guide This Christmas Time for Men – Chamaripa Shoes

The year just flew by and all of a sudden Christmas is right around the corner. It’s also the bet time of the year since Christmas bonuses are waiting to make their way into our bank accounts! It’s the absolute perfect time to go shopping because it’s the one time of the year we also have more than enough money to do it! It’s also the one time of the year we’re sort of expected to give gifts as a means of showing our love and appreciation for those around us. Okay, maybe we’re not expected to but we justify it as that because we feel obligated to do so.

The special people in our lives deserve so much and yet sometimes, we can only afford so little. So if you’re looking for something to give the people you love this Christmas, make it something you can afford and something that they will have long term and practical use for. You don’t have to give them fancy jewelries or gadgets just to let them know you care. To show them that you truly care, give them something that they can use on a daily basis. That way, having them use your gift everyday will remind them of how truly thoughtful you are by thinking of giving them something practical. Just make sure that what you decide one getting them is of good quality so that you won’t be ashamed to find out that whatever it is you gave them didn’t last too long.

It’s easy going Christmas shopping for women but buying gifts for men is a challenge that not many have claimed victory over and this guide is dedicated to shopping for Christmas gifts to give the special men in your life.

If you don’t know where to start looking for gifts despite that super tip, then you’re in the right place. You may have come here clueless, but you will leave here dying to go shopping for your loved ones. So get comfortable because we’re about to let you in on an amazing idea on what to gift the special men in your life this Christmas.

Practicality is key!

The most practical thing to give this Christmas is something to wear. If you’re giving someone clothing, make sure to get their size right and to keep the receipts in case you will need to bring the clothes back in for a replacement. Clothes are practical despite the fact that good ones come with good price tags too. Having good taste comes with a price! But, what if the person you’re gifting it to doesn’t have the same fashion sense as you? Then you could be risking the fact that they might end up never wearing your Christmas gift or worse, they might even re-gift it. So, go for something safer. Try giving someone the gift of a powerful pair of footwear!

The men of our lives sure could use a boost when it comes to their shoe selection so, it’s time you step up to the plate and help them with it. If the men in your life could also use a literal boost, then it’s time you introduce them to Chamaripa shoes. The brand is known for creating the best elevator shoes in the market today. Their technology enables them to produce discreetly hidden heel shoes for men. The height increasing shoes by the brand gives the men of our lives a new confidence that will empower them, and maybe inspire them to buy us shoes in return too! Kidding aside, these tall men shoes will make the perfect gift this Christmas. For one, there are tons of styles to choose from on their website. There are men taller shoes for formal occasions, some of them will make perfect matches to their Christmas party outfits. If they’re not going to any parties or gatherings this season, then you can opt to gift them with casual boating pairs or loafer elevator shoes. The possibilities are endless! You’re probably already thinking of all the looks you can put together to make the incoming year the most stylish one your man has ever lived.

Merry Christmas from President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump. @POTUS & @FLOTUS are seen Saturday, December 15, in their official 2018 Christmas portrait, in the Cross Hall of the White House in Washington, D.C. (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks)

Guaranteed consistency

The worst thing about making a lifestyle change such as getting elevator shoes to get a height boost, is the possibility of getting found out. If your man owns just one pair of height increasing shoes, people are going to know that something’s up. Don’t let that happen to your man, your father, or your brother. Give them the gift of consistency this Christmas!

Go beyond giving them just one pair of tall men shoes when you know they deserve more than just that! These hidden heel shoes for men come in styles that are suitable for just about every aspect of a stylish man’s life. Men taller shoes these days also come in athletic styles, making sure that even on those occasions, your man, your father, or your brother can keep the illusion of the height increase that you gave them for Christmas.

Chamaripa shoes makes the best hidden heel shoes for men in the market, guaranteeing consistent high quality control for every pair they manufacture. The elevator shoes brand even goes as far as allowing you to choose the height of the heel you want your tall men shoes to have.

How do you make sure that the pairs you’re getting are pairs the special men in your life will actually wear? You ask them to help you pick a pair out! It’s that simple. The surprise factor may be gone but the risks involved are eliminated as well. Break it to them by saying you’ve got something special to give them and that they can’t decline and ask for the cash value instead. Explain to them that you want to give them something that will last and that you’re more than willing to invest in their style upgrade. Let them know that by picking the pair out themselves, your gift will not go to waste, hiding in the closet, unused.


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