Why You Need White Sneakers Right Now

Social media has become a personal diary today. Every single thing is posted on their personal accounts from their morning routines to their food for thoughts and even the artisanal coffee from their favorite downtown coffee shop. And in some ways, everyone’s style lookbook is posted on Instagram where women take a snapshot of their outfit of the day with a cool graffiti art as background and men posts a pseudo candid shot as if they are too cool to be in a photograph. Apart from that, the Instagram uniform is an ongoing phenomenon: women in graphic dresses, ruffles, and culottes, while men are dressed in either a loose or tight fitting printed short sleeved shirt combined with their light colored chinos and the very trendy and on point white sneakers.

Both sexes are enchanted by this phenomenon that brands almost cater the same design but varied. However, (some say) not can pull off the white sneaker trend. Since most of the shoes available today are flat and has no elevation, short men sometimes look shorter than they actually are once they sport them. This also means longer minutes to get that perfect photo to post on Instagram, and sometimes end up not posting anything. However, there are actually white tall sneakers available in the market today specifically designed for men who want to look taller but don’t want anyone to know about it.

Men elevator shoes offer trendy white sneakers with an additional 2.5 inches in height. Imagine wearing a tall shoe and in white. If you are searching something along the lines of *make me taller, shoes definitely have that power to do that for you.

Why should you buy one?

Even though you are gifted with Goliath-like height, of course, you would still want to look taller and be more noticeable. These white sneakers are also considered man heels shoes but the elevation is totally hidden. This means you can still look like the model archetype on your social media with longer legs and cool street style credibility.

While those regular sneakers are still the most sought after, those green details mostly seen on fashion accounts can turn to something different. As individuals who have a certain adoration for shoes, you need to understand the value of setting a certain standard for yourself. Just like what these in-demand fashion personalities are continuously blabbering about how fashion is seasonal and personal style is something that is just you. In most ways, they mean instead of becoming a follower most of your life in terms of fashion, it is time for you to stand up and try something different while still looking your finest.

While white sneakers are not going anywhere anytime soon, it might as well be a forever trend because of its casual-chic appeal, the designs you buy must evolve thus trying out other designs that are not heavily photographed and moreover, can still compete with the designs that are considered classic.


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