What To Do When Your Height Is Not Enough?

Being insecure about height has become a colloquial discussion in our everyday lives. We encounter individuals in our workspace who face that same problem or even overhear someone sitting next to us at our favorite coffee shop complaining about height. This has become an everyday problem to those who are not blessed with a taller frame, that even celebrities and social media influencers we idolize share their frustrations about being short compared to their contemporaries.

Veteran leading man Sylvester Stallone revealed in some of his interviews during his prime years that he “lifts” his actual height with the help of elevator shoes to appear taller. But how tall is Sylvester Stallone in feet? The “Rocky” actor stands exactly 5’10” and a half and has been using elevator shoes his entire career even while filming for a movie or doing press tours. According to a source, he even revealed in an interview for Playboy in 1978 that he stands 5’10” and three quarters. This only means even the biggest and most talented stars have insecurities about their height, considering he is beyond the average male height of 5’9.5”.

With this in mind, we live daily wondering why our height is not enough. Thankfully, there are ways to boost up growth both naturally and with aid from buying the proper footwear.

What are elevator shoes?

If you want to know the secret on how to grow 3 inches taller in an instant? The answer is elevator shoes. Artisans who specialize in shoemaking has been perfecting elevator shoes. They are shoes that have additional insoles that boosts your height from 1” up to 5” or more, depending on the shoe design. These men high heel shoes come in various designs from formal to casual, all fit to adapt to the occasion you are attending.

The elevator shoes are comfortable footwear that’s been in the market since the seventies to “lift” or provide additional length to individuals who are not contented with their natural height. From then, the artisans who specialize in elevator shoes have been upgrading the designs to cope with the ever-changing trends in fashion. Today, dress shoes, boots, performance wear, and even sneakers are available in the marketplace that can compete with the shoe market business.

How do you grow taller?

Naturally, human beings start growing once puberty hits, and it essentially ends when puberty stops. When you start asking the question how to get taller at 17, the most plausible response is to start taking care of your body while puberty is still at its prime. With this, the natural growth of hormones won’t have disruptions that are mainly caused by unhealthy vices such as smoking and drinking alcohol – two addictive vices that prevent you from getting taller.

Quit smoking and drinking too much

When we reach the peak of our puberty, we try to experiment with a juvenile version of having fun. We attend college parties, drinking way too much alcohol and almost, but not all the time, remember all the fun memorable events of that said party. More often than not, we also associate drinking with smoking thinking it looks cool, without remembering the bad toxins we put in our body that have long-term effects. According to studies, smoking won’t help with losing weight and will prevent boys who are still in their puberty from getting taller primarily due to the bad effects caused by nicotine. The best and most reasonable action to not stunt someone’s growth is to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Can exercise make you taller?

Of course! As we age gracefully, we become more at risk of chronic diseases when we do not take care of our bodies. We are born in this body to essentially take care of it because not everything heals naturally. One best way to keep a healthy lifestyle is through exercise. It has proven to fight chronic diseases because a simple cardio workout helps with blood flow, hence keeping the body active and giving the right amount of energy for the body parts to work properly.

How do you grow taller with exercise?

There are different types of activities to grow taller with exercises such as yoga, pilates, swimming, and other cardio-related workouts to strengthen the core. However, it is essential for every short guy who wants to achieve greater lengths to perform stretching at least once a day because it is proven effective because it, by its very name, stretches those inactive muscles caused by sitting too much during work hours.

Other benefits of stretching include lengthening of muscles, better breathing, increased flexibility, better joint motion, improvement in blood circulation, better posture, and stress relief.

Meanwhile, other exercises that can boost growth is swimming. Much like stretching, swimming activates every muscle in your body, especially when doing it properly. A simple lap can trigger the core, legs, hips, arms, and essentially the whole body. They also possess the same benefits from stretching because when your body is active, the dormant muscles will start to function that will result in its lengthening.

When working out, it is important to focus on the core body as any other muscles. The core holds the whole body together, meaning the effort you give to have bigger biceps and triceps should have the same level of attention as the rest of body. Exercise is important not just for short people because a healthy lifestyle is juxtaposed with having a longer life.

Final take

Height has been part of the common everyday discussion. We hear our peers having a discourse about who is the tallest among the Kardashian clan. The answer is Kendall Jenner while the shortest is the oldest Kardashian sister, Kourtney Kardashian. Aside from the Kardashian topic, we become more impressed with individuals who are taller compared to those on the shorter side.

However, there are simpler ways to counter your height problems such as exercise, living a healthy life, and elevator shoes that are made to boost your height. Aside from that, it is also important to stay away from unhealthy and addictive vices such and smoking and alcohol at an early age, especially during puberty, to avoid the disruption of growth hormones. Lastly, always remember that height can be fixed with the proper mindset.


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