What Are the Best Strategies to Grow Taller ?

Have you ever gone to a place, tried something at work, or focused on a new thing but got looked down upon due to lack of height? In many cases, people often find themselves trying to crane their necks to a taller person to get noted. It is not the time to give up. Though the growth curve hits the peak at or after puberty, there a number of strategies on how to grow taller thereafter.

The biology of height

Before getting into the dynamics of growth in height, it is important to understand the biology behind what helps you grow taller. Growth in height is primarily defined by genetics. This means that 80% of your height is inherited. Other factors such as nutrition, physical activity, and others only cater for 20%.

Human growth mainly takes place between conception and puberty. At infancy and toddler, the growth is very fast under the influence of HGH (Human Growth Hormone). Though growth halts at puberty, there are still ways that can be used to increase your height significantly.

    √  Go for the right nutrition

Your body is what you eat. The right diet helps to supply the body with the nutrients that help with cells regeneration and growth in height. Getting the right diet helps the body to secret ample growth hormones for faster growth in height. You should target to always take a balanced diet with a high concentration of Vitamin D, Calcium, Phosphorous, and essential minerals. You should also take a lot of water and fluids every day.

    √  Make sure to exercise regularly

Exercises can help you to grow taller with several inches. Stretching exercises help to give the body the right posture. It also helps to strengthen the bones, facilitate the flow of body fluids and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Exercises further help to stimulate body’s nerves especially those linking the pituitary glands for faster release of HGH (human growth hormone). This can help you to grow even if you are past puberty. Some of the great exercises you should consider include squats, running, stretching, and swimming.

    √  Get adequate and quality sleep

Doctors advise parents to encourage babies to sleep most of the time to achieve faster growth. The same analogy is applied even in later years to help facilitate growth. When you relax, most of the energy is directed to helping you grow and repair the body cells.

When medical experts recommend that people should sleep to grow taller, it also has to do with posture. Sleeping on a firm mattress helps to straighten the spine and rectify your posture. It also helps to stretch the discs to raise the height with a couple of inches. It is also a great remedy for addressing issues such as back pain and injuries.

    √  Do a lot of stretching and practice good posture

While it is true that bulk of growth in height stops around puberty, it will come as a surprise to realize that the body can stretch a great deal to add you a couple of inches. Stretching exercises help to release tension on the lower back and helping the body grow taller. To realize even more significant growth, you should practice the stretches together with good posture.

Great posture is related to daily work and operations that help to keep the spine straight. At work, you should look for a chair that is comfortable and that does not bend the spine. When working out in the gym lifting weights, ensure to maintain the back in a straight position.

    √  Stay away from growth inhibitors

One the main answers given to the questions what determines height and how to influence it is ensuring you stay away from growth inhibitors. For your body to grow in height, the process involves a complex play of very many factors. From growth hormones to the nutrients you take, the right balance must be hit to get optimal height. Now, you must eliminate any obstacle that targets to compromise the harmonious operation of all the growth factors. Here are some of the inhibitors to stay away from.

          a)  Smoking.
         b)  Drinking.
         c)  Abusing drugs.

    √  Wear height increasing shoes

Even as you work hard to try and grow with a few inches, it is important to appreciate that the process can take longer. This is because the body has already hit the optimal point of growth. Therefore, is there a way to get taller? The best approach is ensuring to take the right diet, exercise, avoid inhibitors, and more importantly use elevator shoes.

Elevator shoes are special footwear designed to help users get the elevation they want immediately. Unlike other methods, using height increasing shoes gives the user peace of mind that they will hit the targeted elevation immediately. Here are some of the primary reasons why height increasing shoes are the best approach on how to get taller fast.

Groom is wearing shoes indoors. Male portrait of handsome guy. Beautiful model boy in colorful wedding clothes. Man is posing

          i)      Elevator shoes provide prompt elevation depending on personal need.
          ii)    You can go for height increasing shoes or lifters to adjust height progressively.
          iii)   Height increasing shoes are cheap and reliable.
          iv)   Today, height increasing shoes have become a fashion icon. This means that you can score both in getting the elevation  and rock in fashion.
          v)    Elevator shoes have become anonymous with success. Many celebrities that have become highly successful in life such as Tom Cruise and even leaders such as Barrack Obama and Tony Blair have indicated they used elevator shoes.

The final take

If you lack in height or has been working on getting some elevation without success, it is no time to give up. Indeed, there is a lot that you can do to look taller. From taking the right diet to stretching exercises, you are sure of increasing height with a few inches. But it is important to appreciate that human growth halts at puberty or immediately after. Therefore, elevation after puberty will only be with minimal.

The surest way to compensate for lack of height is using elevator shoes. They are easy to select, wear, and rock in style. Do not keep wondering about the best method to grow taller promptly, simply walk to the elevator shoes store to pick the best pair for your wardrobe.


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