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Understanding Trump's Elevator Shoes Choice: Oxfords and the Trump Collection

Donald Trump is arguably one of the most consistently discussed topics the world over, from his issues with nuclear launch codes and the possibility of war with North Korea to his disagreements with a lot of big names on most of the issues plaguing the country. His tweets attract considerable attention every other day and let’s not forget that he is the president of the United States. That this barely covers the reasons why he remains so popular is telling. Discussions about him have covered almost everything, from his hair to the size of his hands. One thing that has not been discussed, though, is his shoe preferences. Impressive as it is, not many people seem to notice the choice of trump elevator footwear for POTUS.

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Trump tower elevator Footwear is no longer just that functional fashion statement. Men, especially shorter men, wear height increasing shoes in order to look taller. Apparently, the taller a man typically is, the more respected and revered they are among their peers. The position of the president of the United States is definitely one that requires a considerable amount of power and the perception of it. If past presidents are anything to go by, then it seems trump might just be falling short. Many of his predecessors have been over 6 feet tall. His height has been in the news before when he complained about a television character meant to represent him that he described as a ‘little guy who weighs 400 pounds’. He refuted that characterization, declaring himself to be at least 6’3”. During his inauguration, though, while standing near the former president, known to be over 6’1”, he appeared a little shorter. Past photos, mostly comparisons with other celebrities, have had keen observers characterize him as between 5’9” and 6 feet. It is highly likely that he wears specially made Donald trump elevator shoes that would then have him look much taller than he actually is. Furthermore, most of his photos are of a much younger Trump.

Donald trump elevator shoes

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The oxfords

Away from the possibility of him wearing Simpson’s trump elevator height increasing shoes to make him look taller, one of the things observers have noticed is his affinity for oxfords. During the campaign trail, people could not help but notice just how stylish his shoes are; he is a billionaire anyway, so it is only right that his shoes look the part. Still, he always wore oxfords on the campaign trail; well-polished shoes from his own personal line of accessories, The Trump Collection. The Trump Collection was once a very respected and prestigious line of clothing and accessories, considered a must-have for the rich man’s wardrobe. His image, on the other hand, has not been so clean ever since he got into politics, something that prompted major retail outlets like Macy’s and shoes.com, the Canadian shoe line, to sideline the brand. Naturally, this move sparked the backlash from the Donald as he is fondly called supporters and haters alike. He bashed the brands on social media, calling for the public boycott of their stores and products. Curiously though, he did not mention shoes in his tweet. All this happened before he was president while on the campaign trail, with Macy’s explaining away their move as a quest to not be politically partisan. Shoes.com was more blatant though, they just did not want to be associated with Donald Trump and the negative publicity that he has garnered.

oxford shoes

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Presidential wardrobe

Presidential wardrobe will and has always had people talking. Lifting Shoes is an especially sensitive topic, with different companies contracted for the job. This has been the tradition since 1850 when The Johnston & Murphy Company started creating shoes for the president. The company was originally based in Newark, New Jersey, but has since moved to Nashville, Tennessee. Johnston & Murphy’s quality has never waned, with most of the shoes they make having some historical significance. President Obama, for instance, had a pair fashioned after Abraham Lincoln’s boots. Trump’s whole brand and message, though, was a new beginning, making the country great again. It is not surprising, then, that even his choice in shoes would deviate from the tradition.

Lifting Shoes

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The streak of people boycotting products even remotely associated to trump spread far and wide. Dubbed grab your wallet in reference to his infamous ‘locker room talk’, the adamant online boycott went as far as Ivanka Trump’s growing shoe line. Even shoe company New Balance had to take a step back after customers all over the country posted pictures on social media burning or throwing away the shoes. New balance quickly backtracked, stating that the only thing they agreed on with Trump was his position on the Trans-Atlantic Partnership.
Trump has always been as mysterious as he is controversial. That brands stopped stocking his personal Trump Collection, it is difficult to know exactly what he wears.

The idea that height defines a man’s value is a painful and stupid part of a very backward notion of masculinity. It is, however, the exact notion of masculinity that Donald Trump buys into and performs. Which is why I believe he’s been lying about his height since he was young. That may seem unlikely, but in fact, it’s not only plausible, it’s the only way of explaining the known facts.


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