Top 10 New Year’s Resolution Including Tall Shoes for Short Guys

  1. Accept that height shoes for men are here to help

First things first, the most real realization you need to understand is that getting more height at your age is almost impossible. Which is why you need to find other alternatives such as elevated shoes for men to compensate for what you lack in height.

Elevator shoes are hidden heel shoes for men that can give you at least two inches in height at a minimum and up to five to seven inches in height in maximum. The lifts are sandwiched in between the outsole and the insole of the shoes, making it impossible to spot by the naked eye. This also means only you are aware why you suddenly have more height more than your usual.

  1. Pay less attention to what others do and focus on your own well being

You will achieve more things when you start focusing your energy to yourself. This means even when you are wearing shoes that increase height, the main goal here is to feel good about yourself. Take note that wearing “heels” is all about confidence. Women live by this rule and so should you.

  1. Eat less junk food

Did you know that doing unhealthy stuff can harm your growth process? Junk food is full of unhealthy ingredients that can stunt your growth as well as make your skin look like you are older than your actual age. Aside from this, we suggest you quit your vices like smoking, drinking too much alcohol (just keep it casual), and sleeping late. At this age, height elevator shoes can give you more length but look young will always be an asset.

4.Exercise more

Do stretches. Attend gym classes. Lift if you can to gain muscles. Being tall is not just about the length you have. Another factor here is looking good while you are at it. If you spent most of your last year lazying around your couch while watching your favorite TV show, it is now time for you to start moving and try on some high heel mens shoes meant for exercising and the gym. Yes, active shoes do exist.

  1. Save money and only spend on quality items

Invest in quality products that can last longer than your past and failed relationship. Visit Chamaripa elevator shoes and get your fix on the latest height increasing shoes Australia or mens elevator shoes Australia that can also send to other countries around the globe.

6.Travel more

If there’s one thing I learned from last year, it’s the importance of making memories. I went to four countries last year and collected moments that I will treasure for a long time. Of course, this includes all the outfits I prepared including the shoes I wore. Now that’s being fashion savvy, social media ready, and sentimental all wrapped in one. Moreover, traveling can help take your mind off things like stress from work and the bustling city. Tour around Southeast Asia and visit all the beautiful temples in Cambodia.

7.Dress better this year

If fashion isn’t the kind of thing you are really into, dressing up doesn’t really mean hoarding trends and wearing the latest clothes from major brands. Dressing up is mainly about proportion. All you have to do is know your body type and be aware of the right cut for your body shape. Dressing up also means knowing the right color to match your skin tone and the right shoes for a specific cut of pants. Whether you are into fashion or trying to be in the know, the important factor you need to consider, to limit yourself with clothes that make you happy.

One tip most fashion stylists is to cover all your basics. You need a crisp white shirt for formal occasions, a black suit, well-tapered pants, and black formal dress shoes – elevator shoes for short men. You also need straight cut denim jeans, white crew neck shirt, and white sneakers that you can repeatedly wear on casual days.

Dressing better this year also connotes that you are actually more responsible with your being and you are taking control of your future. Most men who know the importance of dressing is setting themselves to more success in career and in their personal lives. Remember that people are attracted to men who can take good care of themselves.

  1. Be grateful

The new year has just begun and there’s no room for a sour grape. Be grateful that you are given another year to enjoy your existence as well as another year to blossom in whichever path you chose. Be humble along the process and stay close to the people who matter most to you.

  1. Simply enjoy life

Same as number eight, nothing beats a positive attitude. Take care of your health so you can enjoy your wealth. Whether you are a short man or a tall man, none of this really matters if you can’t enjoy the fruits of your labor. As for me, part of enjoying life is welcoming elevator shoes in your closet. Short men can dominate this year even though there are studies stating how tall men have it easier in life compared to the former. All you have to do is step into the office wearing your new shoes for short man called elevator shoes and be one with the giants.

  1. Be less involved with social media

Lastly, try to unload from social media from time to time. While doing this is not ideal anymore, technology has taken over all of us, but we can still find ways to unwind with the absence of social media from time to time. Trust me, it is actually therapeutic when you realize you don’t have to post everything on your Instagram stories or Snapchat. Taking a break from social media can help you go back to a world around you.


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