The Ultimate Style Guide for Short Men In Every Occasion

Being short is not something you should be ashamed of. As a matter of fact, dressing for a man your size – and just like any other height – only requires a certain level of mastery of the body. First and foremost, you must know what looks best on you, what feels good for you, and what you prefer best for you because it is your body and the only real way to hone it is to accept what you have and do not have. This also means letting go of some trends that are, as cruel as it may seem, only suit those individuals with elongated bodies. Again, this is also not something you should frown about and think of it in a more positive note: I will not go out on the street looking like everyone else.

Personal style is a process of finding yourself through clothes. It’s an art form that takes time and once you get hold of it, you must live by it then explore other facets of dressing up while staying true to who you are. While you are on the search for finding your personal style, here’s a guide for short men who wants to always look their best without worrying about their height disadvantage.

  1.    Just like any other type of men, formal wear is strictly about the cut

Some fashion experts suggest buying a suit that is one size smaller and I say always purchase a size that best suits you! Looking for the right blazers for short men is easy if you know your size. The best suggestion is to look for a slim cut that cut just above your hips. These are simple designs that focus on the legs and the arms. Make sure the sleeve is cut properly on the wrist, and must not at all times go beyond that or you’ll look like you are drowning in the sea of excess fabric. Just like the blazer, dress pants for short men are all about the cut and the fit. It should be tapered properly based on your body type and must hug every curve of your legs from the waist to the ankle.

When shopping for a suit, buy a complete set, preferably with a vest just to add more drama. If the length is too long, go to your tailor and have them adjusted for you. It is actually essential for any man, whether tall or not, to find a tailor who knows your body more than you. Again, hiring a tailor is a common practice if you want to always look your best because to ready to wear clothes are standard in size.

  1.    Casual days mean a nice pair of jeans and well-hemmed shirt.

If you actually think you can go out wearing a long-hemmed shirt, think again! If you do not have a long torso, let go of wanting to look like Justin Bieber on his casual stroll with his fiancé. A casual day means not thinking so much about the entirety of your outfit, and yet knowing the right spots to hit in terms of fashion. Go for skinny jeans and a shirt that cuts just right after, at least one inch or two inches, from the button of your pants. This is actually an optical illusion to focus make your legs look longer.

Shirts for short men should cut that way at all time to maximize your other assets like the legs and the arms. While it is (almost) impossible for you to look 6 feet for a 5 foot 8 frame, you can still make them think you are at least two inches taller if you wear the right cut of the shirt. Another suggestion is to avoid wearing muscle tees. This is a type of t-shirt that is tight on the body and accentuates the muscle. If you form big muscles, you sometimes look shorter than you actually are. While we can’t stop you from hitting the bench press hard at the gym, we can at least try to steer you away from a muscle shirt. Moreover, the type of pants for short guys you should be a toss between straight or skinny cut.

  1. Activewear is more concerned about color than actual fashion

In this logomaniac world, we live in, wearing a hyped brand with a big logo in front of your shirt will easily get you noticed at the gym. However, I’d be more concerned with finding a color that is cool from a fabric that can absorb sweat easily. The best suggestion of sweatpants for short men is a pair with joggers, a sort of bands that is tight on the ankles. I also suggest wearing blue, black, gray, or white when hitting the gym because there are neutral and vibrant colors that make exercising a lot more fun!

  1. What you wear on a date is your date’s first impression

Despite our busy schedules, we still want to go out with someone and hopefully click with her. Dating is all about chemistry and what you wear on the first date will determine if there will be the second one. It is integral to never outshine your date, especially in terms of dressing up. The ladies will always look better than you. I suggest sticking with pale colors, earth tones, shadows, and avoid wearing flashy hues like red, orange, sunny yellow, and the rest in that sort. Look for a shirt that is right for your size and look for a nice pair of black jeans to make a good first impression. Finish your look with a pair of suede Chelsea boots or Oxford shoes with cool brogues to make you look more interesting. Dating is all about projecting and keeping it real. You will know whether it works or not, and your clothes will only get you far if you know when and where to stop in terms of fashion.  


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