Human Height: What Exactly Makes You Grow Taller?

Every man wants to look taller and handsome. The society has a very strong preference for taller men. However, the questions what makes you grow taller and whether it is possible to influence height have persisted for ages. This post demystifies these questions to dissect the truth from lies. It explores the genetics of height and myths you should run away from. Most importantly, it provides workable solutions that will help you to grow and look taller.

The genetics of height

To explore the subject of men and height, it is advisable to go back to the beginning. Therefore, what exactly is a man’s height? A man’s height is the distance measured from the top of his head to the bottom-most section of the feet when he is standing erect. In the United States, the average height of an American man is 177 cm (69.7 inches/5.7″).

How short or tall you grow is mainly dependent on genetics. The genetics account for 80% of how tall you grow while nutrition and environment cater for the remaining 20%. Because of improved nutrition and environment, people have been growing taller over the years.

Following their extensive research of more than 253,000 people in Europe, North America, and Australia, DR. Joel Hirshhorn of Boston Children’s Hospital said they quantitatively established that people’s height is largely a genetic factor. Therefore, simply look at your parents to have a rough idea of how take you will be.

Humans grow fastest during infancy and toddler stages. Then, the growth slows down in the subsequent years and halts at puberty. However, growth may still continue after puberty in some individuals. Therefore, do not expect much in growth after puberty.

At this point, it is crucial to mention that the mother’s health condition before, during, and immediately after pregnancy also plays a very critical role. Responding to the question, what makes you grow taller, many doctors advise parents to start thinking about the life of their kids (including height) well before conception. Here are some things that will help a male child grow taller.

    √  Start taking folic acid three months to conception.
    √  Always take balanced meals rich in all minerals especially calcium, phosphorous, essential fats, and proteins.
    √  Avoid talking harmful components such as tobacco and alcohol.
    √  Breastfeed the baby for longer and introduce him to healthy foods at an early stage.
    √  Promote healthy eating, exercises, and stress-free lifestyle.

Even as medical experts demonstrate how genetics interact with nutrition and environment to determine how tall you will grow, a significant number is still influenced by myths. Here are of the myths you need to ignore.

    a)  You can grow taller any time of your life. This is a myth. Growing in height stops at puberty or shortly after puberty.
    b)  If your parents are tall, you will automatically become tall. This statement is only half true. Other factors such as nutrition and environment are equally important.
    c)  Growth supplements can help increase growth even after puberty. This is untrue. Growth in height only takes place between conception and puberty. Even other methods such as exercises do only help to release the stoop so that you can look taller.

Calculating how tall you will grow

Now that the question what’s the average height of a man has been demystified, you might be interested to know how tall you will grow. The best method of doing this is following the growth chart with help of a pediatrician. The doctor follows the height at different checkups and creates a curve that points at the point you will reach. The curve mainly factors your genes.

You can also make the estimation on your own. Note that it is just estimation because there are so many things that are not factored. Here is the formula created by Geffner E. Mitchell from the School of Medicine at University of Southern California.

Your ultimate height = [father’s height+ (mother’s height +5 inches]/2.

Is it possible to increase your height?

With the genetics contributing 80% in defining how tall you will grow, things turn to the remaining 20% that is under your control. Here are the main things that you can do to increase your height with a small to significant margin.

    1)  Stretching and swimming related exercises: When you are involved in exercises that help the body to stretch, the snoop is released and you are able to assume the right posture. You can increase the body’s height with a couple of inches using stretching and swimming.

    2)  Taking the right diet: People are products of what they eat. You need look for the right foods that facilitate faster development of the bones and ligaments cells for faster growth. This means taking foods that are rich in vitamins, proteins, and all minerals. Consider talking to a doctor to know the exact foods to use to grow taller.

    3)  Take ample rest during the phases of optimal growth: Doctors recommend that infants should take most of the hours sleeping so that the body can concentrate on growth. Now, you should replicate the same trend to grow taller. Note that this does not mean quitting work to sleep. Rather, you should ensure to get ample sleep, take enough rest, and avoid stress.

Using elevator shoes to increase your height

As you get the answers to the question, whats average height for a man, it is time to appreciate that as an adult, little is going to change because growth has stopped.

Therefore, you need to love yourself the way you are and get the perfect method of looking taller. The surest, easiest, and proven method is height increasing shoes.

Elevator shoes are designed to provide optimal elevation so that you can compensate for lack of height. Actually, there is no need to keep worrying anymore. Top celebrities such as Tom Cruise, previous presidents of the United States such as Barrack Obama and George Bush, and football icon, David Beckham used and still use elevator shoes. Therefore, the solution to lack of height is right in your hands.

The final take

Many people keep asking whats average height for a man and searching for the things that help make men taller. However, you need to appreciate that very limited growth happens after puberty. Even as you take to exercises and a good diet, the surest way of looking taller is height increasing shoes. They deliver instant height so that you can enjoy all the anticipated confidence and success in your career.


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