Heels or Sneakers? Here’s the Solution To Wearing Both All at Once

Looking at all the social media posts nowadays is a constant reminder of how we have to keep up with the latest trends fashion has been showing. These said trends almost change on a daily basis that we sometimes get overwhelmed with all the information. Then all we are left is this feeling of being left out. One trend that stood in a timely manner has been sneakers. However, not anyone can make a living out of it, at least in terms of style. Are you that short girl? Do you want to get your fix of the latest sneakers but won’t do because you lack the height? Are you aware of elevator shoes for women? Yes, they are absolutely real! You can sport the latest and trendy pieces and still feel tall.

This means not having to forego one because you can have both in one shoe. So if you are still caught in the middle choosing between heels or sneakers, you need to put all your worries behind because here’s the best solution to your conundrum.

What is the elevator shoes women’s?

Women elevator shoes are more commonly known as sneaker heels is the answer to women who want to keep that casual persona, while achieving a great deal of height. Simply put it this way: They’re just like your usual wedge shoes, but they look like sneakers. How is that possible? These women’s height increasing shoes are designed for the on-the-go who like wearing heels and sneakers. That’s hitting two birds with one stone. You can now sport your favorite athleisure outfit without having to compromise for your height.

What are women’s sneakers with height?

Just like the men’s version, women’s elevator shoes have this thing called shoe lifts for women’s shoes that are sandwiched in between the outsole and insole of the shoes. It provides at least 2-inches to 5-inches in height without anyone suspecting why you are suddenly tall. This type of women’s sneakers that make you taller is best for petite women who’s been struggling to fit in this tall world.

All the women’s elevator sneakers are available in different colors and styles to fit your personal style. You can check elevator shoe brand, Chamaripa Shoes, and choose from their variety of in-demand designs that fashionistas are spotted as of the moment on their social media accounts from white sneakers, slip-on, and other styles!

What are the different styles available?

Elevator shoes are just like your contemporary shoes. The style and design are updated and can compete with the recent shoe market. Elevator shoes are created to fit the everyday woman of today with fashion in mind.

Slip-on sneakers and how to incorporate it with your style

In the nineties, skate culture has been all the rave and it continued to make waves in the recent street style phenomenon. Slip-on sneakers are shoes that do not possess the usual shoe laces design because you simply just have to slip on your feet on the shoes and go along with your life.

You can pair slip-on with a chiffon or silk blouse and complete your look with a nicely fitted pair of black jeans that drops just above your ankle. You can accessorize with at least three slim bangles a loosely hanging necklace with a charm, and finish everything by keeping your hair in loose locks or a low ponytail.

White sneakers and how to incorporate it with your style

This has been a constant fixture on street style advocate spread all over the Instagram blogosphere. They are available in a variety of high cut and low cut shoes that can be paired with almost your entire closet – and yes, even with a flirty dress.

White sneakers are really the go-to shoe of this generation. You can dress in logomaniac attire and get away with the pompousness and still look polished or you can result to the minimalist route and dress in a nice blue and white stripes linen wrap dress that drop below the knee. Finish your entire look with loose curls for the “I woke up like this style ala Beyonce”, fresh makeup, and a dashing red lipstick. Carry a small purse because all you need is just your personality shining through!

Colored Leather sneakers and how to incorporate it with your style

Just like the now considered classic white sneakers, this type of design is a variation of such. The design is similar to your common white sneakers, but in different colors of pink, red, blue, brown, and all the colors of the rainbow.

Since the shoes are the focal point of your entire look, I suggest you keep the rest in monochromatic and earthy tones. Wear a cute oversized gray knitted sweater and a pair of denim culottes or skinny jeans. Everything really depends on how much risk you want to take. Just get the right balance of sexy and casual – just like those colored leather shoes.

Knitted sneakers and how to incorporate it with your style

Ever since Kanye West released his first collection of sneakers, brands have been getting their style on these knitted sneakers. They look casual and cool enough that you can go out wearing a simple plain white tee shirt, a pair of denim skinny jeans, and an interesting jacket.

I suggest you go full musician or his wife. Make Kim Kardashian your style peg and go out in a tight-fitting ensemble that looks like you just finished an hour of exercise. One good thing about fashion today is how it accepted the simplest attire and still be fabulous. All you really need is the attitude to carry yourself in front of a crowd, even if you’re just going grocery shopping.

The Final Take

Aside from the styles presented, there are other sneakers that are translated to sneaker heels. With this, you can go around town looking casual and tall the same time all thanks to women’s elevator shoes!


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