Best Shoes for Wide Feet Men’s to Incorporate with Your Personal Style – Elevator Dress Shoes

Fashion fades but style is eternal.” This meaningful line uttered by the late Yves Saint Laurent, one of the greatest names in fashion that has ever walked the face of the planet, has been a fixture to what it means to look great and feel good about yourself. Just as the saying goes, we, the working men of today, must embody this and stay true to who we are. What we wear. How we think. These are the essential statements we have to embody as we mature with age and gain enough wisdom to be a more responsible, and fashionable citizen. This, however, is not a testament of narcissism. We have to be aware by now that what we wear is both a direct and indirect reflection of who we are. We are judged by our physical appearance – like it or not – and we must portray our roles well enough to not be questioned because of our sartorial choices. From our shoes to the product we use to our hair, everything must be well thought of. But how about men with wide feet? The best way to do it is to find the *best shoes for wide feet mens.

What is a wide foot?

Before we articulate the clothes that complement your personal style, we need to discuss what a wide foot is. There are actually more than five types of shoe sizes to determine different styles. There are narrow, average, and variations of wide shoes. Best examples of wide men’s shoes are *wide square toe cowboy boots and other running shoes that cater to that category. Wide feet shoes are bigger than the narrow and average type of shoes.

Mostly, your shoe size will determine whether you have narrow, average, or wide feet based on the width and length of your feet. Even men with small feet can have wide feet.

How to style  *wide width shoes for men with the rest of your clothing?

Fashion has always been about the lean silhouette and the first thing you have to know is that’s a linear way of thinking. There are brands that can cater to your size and you must avoid going for what the fashion norm dictates. There are different brands who cater to all shapes and sizes that still has the same level of focus on trend and fashion.

  1. Formal Wear

Opt for formal wear with a slightly loose fit to go well with your *men’s extra wide dress shoes. Make sure the hemline of the trousers won’t be too narrow to avoid looking like you are wearing clown’s shoes. You need to have a  critical eye to balance your sartorial choices. You can still wear a custom-made suit that goes well with your body type as long as you adjust the bottom. Some of the *best men’s dress shoes for wide feet are also available as elevator shoes. They are shoes that provide additional height due to the lifts found in between the insole and the outsole of your shoes. You can get at least 2 more inches in height if your sport one. Moreover, the added heels or lifts are invisible to the public eye. This means only you can see what goes beneath the surface of your shoes.

  1. Casual Wear

All you ever have to think about is the comfort and nothing else. Casual wear is meant for the everyday man who does not want to look like he is trying too much and still appropriate for whichever event or location he goes to. One great thing about being casual is how you can easily put on a simple white crew neck shirt, khaki chino shorts, and a pair *men’s extra wide slip on shoes like you do not want summer to end. I suggest buying slip on in different colors such as black, brown, white, and maroon. These colors can blend well with other colors and they stand out without having to speak.

You can also style your slip on with baggy jeans that are so big in fashion right now and match it with a cool printed short sleeved polo. Complete the look with a cool knitted beanie or a black baseball hat and you are good to go.  

  1. Active Wear

Going to the gym nowadays is about looking good as it is to getting ripped. There’s a certain level of machismo to men who know how to make sweatpants look cool and a gray shirt look less boring. Going to the gym is also an avenue for men who indulge themselves with the latest styles of shoes fit for the occasion. I always go for a pair of black short pants and a plain shirt that makes sweating look like a design imprinted on the t-shirt. You may opt for a spectrum of choices with shoes, but still keeping it casual and classy. Remember to always ask the store if you can use the shoes you want for exercising just to avoid being at risk of getting into an accident. There are numerous styles of activewear shoes that cater to different sizes from narrow, average, and yes, even wide feet.

  1. Semi-casual Wear

Whenever I read this in invitations, I always get caught wearing the wrong clothes. This is a bit tricky because you have to be presentable and yet casual at the same time. The way to conquer semi-casual is to wear a crisp white buttoned-down shirt, black or khaki jeans (still straight cut or with loose hemline), and a pair of wide width sized loafers. To complete the look, match the color of your shoes with your belt. Keep it clean and simple and finish it with a nice watch. According to a famous novel about being rich and fabulous, a man can be judged based on his choice of footwear and the bling on his wrist that tells the time. Unlike women, men are not accustomed to wearing too much jewelry and the worth of their watch can determine what is inside his pocket.  


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