Attend Your Next Wedding with Style and Ease

I recently went to a friend’s wedding, then I realized how  I always wear the same pair of black leather loafers with additional heels I purchased going back to my graduation rights back in college. Somehow, that exact pair became a subconscious ode to my bachelor life, with hopes that someday, those sturdy black loafers I always wear will one day finally rest its laurels when it is my turn to get married. Sadly, those shoes are not as comfortable as any other pair of men’s dress shoes, black in color, that I own. While looking at the other guests, I noticed a variety of styles where they sport the most comfortable dress shoes for men imaginable. Apart from the shoes, they came looking sharp and ready to listen to the numerous speeches prepared by the groom and bride’s closest companions. After reaching the peak of the evening, I came home searching for cheap men’s shoes online and my life completely changed.

How to dress for a wedding, male style?

Attending a wedding as a guest is not as hard as choosing the best cake for the event. While you are not the center of attention for the event, it is important to still look sharp and clean while reminiscing good old memories with your pals who are also in attendance. Wedding dresses for men is usually easier compared to a woman who is on the lookout in case someone is wearing the same dress as theirs. For men, the prevalent black or blue suit is the signature go-to, and then style it with wide dress shoes to match their style.

Even though you are attending a formal event, you can still opt for men’s casual oxford shoes as long as it matches the rest of your outfit. Since comfort is crucial to any formal events, you would not want your feet to have blisters by the end of the night. Here’s a list of appropriate dress shoes from Chamaripa Shoes and tips on how to style them properly:

  1. Black Glossy Elevator Tuxedo Shoes 2.76 inches

This pair is currently on sale for $139.00 and is made of leather and pigskin as lining. This shiny pair of patent leather shoes will instantly elevate not just your height by 2.76 inches, but your style as well, because this alone is a certified eye-catcher. There’s just something about tuxedo shoes that makes a man look more masculine.  Singer Shawn Mendes was spotted wearing an army green and navy blue color block number at the recently concluded Video Music Awards last August 2018 and he completed his look with pointed ankle boots made of patent leather. This is the best example of how you can pair dress shoes made of patent leather and make it look millennial and modern while keeping it classy and ultimately, unique.

  1. Blue Height Increase Dress Shoes 2.76 Inches

When you are out of suit options, the best you can do is to let the shoes do all the talking. This special pair of blue oxfords is made of brush leather and is priced at $157. The design is simple and yet the little details on the captoe make one look like he means business at all times. While most men go for the usual black or brown oxford shoes, it is still best for you to experiment on your style, either with your shoes or other accessories. However, if blue is a little too flashy for you, you can still buy this pair in black or white and pair it with a navy suit.

  1. Casual Height Enhancing Shoes2.36 Inches

Nothing says casual and cook than a pair of gray oxfords that can be worn daily and during formal events. While this gray shoes made of Nubuck leather can be tricky especially when incorrectly styled, the said design can uplift your sartorial façade from casual to eccentric. Pair it with a patterned gray or royal blue suit. Wear a funky tie and socks, preferably with print, to keep the whole look playful. However, wear a crisp white dress shirt to hold the look together.

  1. Brown Lifting Shoes Leather Oxford Shoes 2.95 Inches

Brown shoes are common among men who attend a wedding. But it is also a fact that not anyone can just parade their way and look good in them. Brown shoes require a level of sartorial practice and avoid pairing them with a sharp black suit because it is a mismatch. If you decide to wear a cool pair of brown shoes, you must keep everything a classic: imagine a seventies vibe when suit is more playful like a navy blue double-breasted suit or a subtle windowpane gray suit made of rich wool.  

  1. Suede LeatherTall Men Shoes Make You Taller-2.76 inches

Suede shoes are always a good idea if you want to look extra special in formal wear. Suede, just like velvet, connotes luxury to the wearer because they are delicate and needs special attention. This pair of black suede shoes is materialized with a minimalist black leather piping that makes all simple things go away. Moreover, this pair of Chamaripa shoes is only $149 and it adds 2.76 inches to your height. With this, you will look tall, sharp, and stylish without thinking about shoelaces because they are loafers.

  1. Men’s Cap-Toe Monk Strap Loafer 2.76 Inches

When I think of monk straps, I always imagine a man with a strong English accent and confident enough to make the rest of the night about him. Ideally, sporting a pair of wine red monk straps is overwhelming; all you need to do is tone down the rest of your styling. Moreover, keep your suit dark in hues with the rest of your accessories as simple as possible.


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