Your Complete Guide to Height Increasing Boots

Boots have a special place in men. They make them look tough, elegant, and agile in a manner that no other shoe can. Whether it is at work or camping in the woods, elevator boots are the ultimate pieces. To double or triple that elegance and sense of strength, go for boots that make you taller. Here is the complete guide to height increasing boots for men.

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The footwear rules when it comes to boots

When it comes to height increasing boots, it is important to follow the golden rules. Like other mens heeled shoes, you want to look best wherever you go. Whether at work, social events, or making presentations, the elevator boots are supposed to compliment you. Here are the main rules to follow when using height increase dress shoes especially boots.

       ●  Invest in quality: Boots are designed to conquer the toughest places. You want to go camping in the snowy Rocky Mountains or the Himalayas? You need to rock in high-quality boots. But is not just in the outdoors. Even selecting standard elevator boots should be designed to deliver the highest possible quality.

       ●  Invest in boots for every occasion: If you love boots, it is important to appreciate that they come in great diversity. It is advisable to go for boots that suit every occasion. For example, the elevator Chelsea boots model is ideal for your daily office work while the combat boots are better when going outdoors.

       ●  Never sacrifice fit for comfort: Just like other elevator shoes brands, the boots you pick should always be a perfect fit. Getting the fitting pair helps with posture and boosts the user’s confidence.

       ●  Make price the last consideration when buying boots: One reality that people who love boots have to live with is that they never come cheap. Because they are made with some of the best materials and designs, they are considered premium. But poor quality models have hit the market and can easily confuse you. Therefore, you should check all other factors such as quality, design, model, and brand before price. If you find a boot that is too cheap, take it with suspicion. But you can beat the fakes in the market by going to Chamaripa shoes because they only stock the best.

NOTE: Boots are as stylish as standard shoes. If you love boots, simply go to top dealers such as Chamaripa and rest assured of getting the right pieces for daily work, wedding, and other events.

Types of boots to go for high quality

Take a look around and you will realize that everything is going the boot’s way. From colleagues, management, and friends in social places, boots have become the bottom line. So which are the right models to go for?

       i)      The work boots

The work boots were designed for people whose daily tasks are heavy duty. They are solidly built to provide extra strength, support, and grip that allow you to work all day without straining. Your focus when selecting work boots should be a perfect fit and high quality. Note that unlike other grow tall shoes, work boots are highly specific. You cannot easily use them on other occasions such as in the office or on the red carpet.

       ii)   The hiking boots

Like the working boots, the hiking models are designed to deliver extra toughness. However, they are manufactured using lighter material, extra cushioning, and protective design. They are the outdoors men’s delight because of the ease of use and guarantee on quality.

       iii)  The western boots

You have probably seen magazines or videos of people riding their horses either in competitions or during vacations. One notable thing is the western boots. They are designed with top quality material to help protect your legs up to the knee even when riding at top speed on a horseback. However, newer street versions have hit the market to give users that country touch wherever they go.

       iv)   The dress boots

This is the category that has the largest number of boots designs. They are designed to deliver extra elegance for your daily use. From elevator boots to Chelsea boots, you can match with your preferred suit or even jeans. They are the most preferred grow tall shoes because you can use them all day. Other people prefer them because they can be used on multiple occasions. As lightweight footwear, they can be used at the office, in the parties, and even on the red carpet.

       v)   The combat boots

The combat boots were originally designed to help soldiers conquer the tough terrain in battle zones. Though the models available in the stores today are not as tough as the soldier models, they are equally tough. You should consider them for tough tasks such as company fieldwork or rough operations in the woods.

Caring for your boots

Once you have selected the best elevator boots, things turn to maintenance. Though the boots are designed to deliver extra strength, it is the care you give them that defines how long they will last. Here are some top tips for caring your boots.

       a)  Make sure to keep the boots as clean as possible. If you have been in the field and the boots have a lot of dirt, clear the dirt immediately after getting home.

       b) Always moisturize the leather. Boots made of leather should be moisturized using leather conditioners to keep the outlook shiny and stronger.

       c) If the boots have salt or snow stains, have them repaired as fast as possible. If they stay on the surface for longer, they will become permanent. Consider using the salt stain remover.

       d) Make sure to use boot trees. These are wooden shapes designed to help keep boots and mens fashion shoes in the right shape.

       e) Use leather creams to treat signs of fading with time. Though there are many creams out there, it is better to use the manufacturer’s recommended creams.

       f) Regularly check and maintain the boots heels. Like other lift shoes for guys, the boots also rely on the heel to deliver the elevation that users need. Therefore, you should keep an eye on the heel and have it replaced or repaired immediately after it gets damaged.


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