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Wardrobe and Style Options for Elevator Shoes Walk Taller Shoes

The worry with elevator shoes is that they will stand out and have the wearer looking ridiculously conspicuous. Today, there are many design options available, all discreetly managed such that the only person who knows the truth is the person wearing them. Attention therefore shifts to the trousers, and what one could wear safely such that they look the part when they buy elevator shoes. Here are a few tips:

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The impact

The first thing one must remember is that elevator shoes really do have an impact on the mens height shoes one chooses to wear. Granted, the lower 2 or 3 inch height raising shoes will not have too much of an impact. With the higher 4 or 5 inch elevator shoes, though it is important to change wardrobe choices to match the shoes, and the most obvious culprit are the trousers. Most of the time, the height is what changes and with the shorter 2 to 3 inch heels, there is usually little need for change. When wearing the higher heeled shoes though, there is the distinct possibility that you might end up with up to 4 to 5 inches exposed or the hem of the trouser higher up than usual. Whether for fashion or simply for practical purposes, it is generally advisable to avoid those chunky shoes. The best elevator shoes are those you can comfortably wear without necessarily drawing attention to your feet or even standing out.

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The heel and the back of the trouser

One of the areas that are prone to draw attention when one is wearing taller shoes is the back of the heel. When one is sitting, it is possible that the edge of the trouser might end up riding up the back of the shoe, exposing and generally calling attention to the heel area. This is especially embarrassing in formal settings. When seating down at a meeting or restaurant, remember to draw the hem of the trouser up and out. Also, make sure when buying trousers for such occasion that the hem is long enough to avoid this happening often. Try this out in private by sitting down, stretching your legs or waking around for some minutes before setting off for that meeting or date.

Skinny jeans

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Wearing skinny jeans with tall men shoes is tricky. It is a look that can be pulled off, but takes a lot of courage and cannot be cleanly done by everyone. Europeans wear skinnier jeans than those in North America, so it might be useful to look to them for some inspiration. One common look is wearing the big army type boots with the tighter skinny jeans. Since huge boots are as close as possible to the shoes that give you height, this might be the safest way to go. Of course there are some elevator shoes sneakers that seem to have been designed specifically for the skinny jeans culture. If you are a fan of those then you are among the few lucky ones.

Remember wearing elevator shoes should not necessarily mean that you go by some unique and different rules of fashion. Generally, it pays to keep an eye on the prevailing fashion trends.


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