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Why Elevator Shoes are the New Wave

High heels are perhaps the most impressive and elegant shoes for women, but when it comes to the men, there is still a fair bit of hesitation. Elevator shoes are still slightly frowned upon, even though higher shoes were historically worn by men, and women only started wearing them after a few centuries of that. In fact, it might be easier to accept elevator shoes for women than it is for the male varieties in the eyes of some people. It is little wonder, then, that those who feel that they need elevator shoes for one reason or the other might end up feeling too embarrassed to go for them. The truth is, though, that there is little reason for this and here is why.

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They work
There are many reasons why one would want to wear elevator shoes. It could be because they feel self-conscious around other taller people and would like to improve their height, or simply want to improve their posture. Whatever the reason, elevator shoes have been proven to work. People confess to adding as much as 7 cm when they wear such shoes. The fact that they work so amazingly means people should not be afraid to wear them.

They are discreet
Another major worry is that people will look at the wearer and instantly think they are wearing height increasing shoes. It is the elevator shoes insole that is enhanced and this means the high heel is not necessarily visible from the outside. The biggest indicator of how true this is lies in the fact that many men wear these types of shoes, often without a big fuss and without the world around them noticing it. In fact, there are some pretty famous musicians and celebrities who wear them without fuss. Designers have realized that the whole point of elevator shoes is to add those inches without necessarily being noticed. It is crazy thinking that every time you stood beside someone and envied just how tall they were, chances are that those extra inches were as a result of elevator shoes.

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The height increase
Even without the heel part being conspicuous, if the shoes truly work, then the people who know you should be able to notice the height change, right? Well, people who have worn elevator shoes and elevator shoe sneakers for long will tell you that the height addition, though certainly significant, is not nearly high enough that it will cause an immediate stir. You will definitely notice a difference in your height once you wear these shoes, and your confidence will go up. Still, it is not a dramatic change, and will likely only be noticed by people around you after a short while. Don’t worry though, it will be a huge confidence boost when that finally happens.

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That you wear those men’s height increasing shoes does not mean you do not have leeway to be stylish. The market today has all sorts of stylish and fashion forward elevator shoes.
There is really no excuse to not embrace elevator shoes. Buy a pair and enjoy the benefits.


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