It is a well-known fact that the suit is a fashion item the average man cannot do without. It makes your body look more attractive while giving out an aura that commands respect. Suits for men are specially designed to enhance your appearance, making it easier for women to like you.

By default, wearing a suit will make you look taller and give you a stronger look, and this is because it is constructed for that particular purpose. So, as a man, you should have at least one suit in your wardrobe that looks classy enough for any occasion you may find yourself.

The suit in itself is a fashion statement, but there are methods you can employ to put your suit to a more elegant use. These methods include getting the appropriate accessories to complement your suit, knowing how to match colours of those accessories with that of your suit, grooming your hair and beard properly, knowing how to walk like a boss and finally, knowing the best shoes to wear with your suit.

We cannot talk about sorting out shoes for suits without mentioning elevator shoes for men, they are always in the picture whenever men of all heights want to shop for shoes, hence height increasing shoes will be discussed in details here with respect to your suit. Have it in mind that there are different types of suits, and there are shoes that are good for all of them.

Men shoes with heels happen to fall into that category, meaning you can wear any of the shoes listed below with your choice of suit and still look classy. So, if you have suits and would like to rock them with the best types of shoes, this guide will be of invaluable help to you.


  1. General dress shoes for men

High heel dress men shoes are getting more popular by the day because of how well they match the suit. Dress shoes are simple and classy enough to go with any type of suit and you definitely need to have more than one in your wardrobe if you like to stay fashionable.

A good number of male celebrities have stormed the red carpet with dress shoes, especially men elevator dress shoes. Take Tom cruise for example, he has been spotted with elegant suits and ties graced with elevator dress shoes, now you know how classy these shoes are.

You don’t have to stay boring with a particular dress shoe because there are different types available in the market, though they have very little but unique and key differences. These shoes come in different bold colours that are usually the same as the latest suits available. If you ever get confused about the colour of dress shoes to wear with your suit, just pick colour black, it is a colour that goes with every type of suit. Brown, navy blue, and wine are also very good dress shoe colours you can opt for when buying.   

  1. Oxford shoes

Have you ever wondered what type of shoe you can wear to give the impression that you have class? There a few out there, but the oxford is arguably the most popular. You would be recognized as a super star a lot quicker when you wear an oxford shoe with a killer suit. If you are a short man interested in shoes that make you taller, you are also going to find the oxford shoe very useful.

There are so many oxford height increasing shoes in the market. These shoes have seen overwhelming commercial success, as men all over the world who are not so gifted in the height department keep buying oxford shoes to increase height. When you wear this shoe with a suit, you get to look trimmer and way more attractive.

Obviously, the best type of clothing to go with this shoe is your favourite suit, but it is such a fine footwear and can go well with other types of clothing you have. Weddings, a special date, or red carpet occasions are also good avenues to rock your oxford shoe with a suit or your favourite formal wear.

  1. Sneakers

You read that right, sneakers are on the list of best shoes you can wear with a suit, gone are the days when sneakers only blended with jeans. With the way things are going in the fashion industry, there are really no stringent rules anymore. Many years ago, it would have been a taboo to link suits with sneakers, but in recent years, the combination has become a highly respected trend in the fashion world, as both male and female suit lovers are embracing it.

Wearing sneakers with a suit will make it look more informal, therefore it is best to rock a suit with sneakers when the occasion is not a formal one. As odd as it may sound, this rule has been ignored by many because of how cool suits actually look on sneakers, and suits are being worn with sneakers to places like the office and occasions like job interviews, it all depends on the rules of your organization anyway.

If you are interested in looking taller, you will be happy to know that there are many tall men shoes in the sneakers category of chamaripa shoes. There are sneakers with high heels of different designs available for you.

  1. Boots

Just like the sneakers mentioned above, I am sure you raised brows at the sight of boots on a list of best shoes to wear with your suit. If you have never worn boots with a suit, you are missing out on a very elegant combination of wears. If you don’t understand how boots can go well with your suit, it is probably because you are still thinking of the furry suits worn in cartoons, which would be a total disaster to combine with a suit.

The boots we are talking about here are those with clean lines, they are not too bulky and appear simple, that is why they complement the suit so well. There are also elevator boots for men who want to look taller and more confident.

If you are used to wearing other types of shoes with our suit, you may get confused when it is winter because those shoes will not do a very good job at protecting you, and winter season should not stop you from looking stylish. So you should have one or two pairs to rock with your suit when it is cold out there. That’s how to look stunning while keeping your feet warm.

  1. Loafers

With so many types of shoes available in the market and all the possible combinations, there are men who still just love to appear simple. If you fall into this category of easy going men, loafers should definitely be the best type of shoe you should wear with your favourite suit.

Of all the great qualities of this type of shoe, the fact that it is so comfortable is what makes it to stand out. They are usually low on heels, so if you are tall, you are going to appreciate the loafer since you are not really aiming for height increasing shoes.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that loafers are not classy because they are simple and comfortable. Loafers have really elegant and bold designs as they are made from different long lasting materials like the best lather and suede out there. The various designs of loafers are timeless; this means you can wear them with your suit at any time of the year without looking odd.

Whether you are young or advanced in age, loafers will make you look red carpet worthy without having you sacrifice your comfort for style, you can have both!


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