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  • الشحن في جميع أنحاء العالم ، عودة 30 يوما!
  • مددت 60 يوما العودة.
  • الشحن في جميع أنحاء العالم ، عودة 30 يوما!
  • مددت 60 يوما العودة.
  • الشحن في جميع أنحاء العالم ، عودة 30 يوما!
  • مددت 60 يوما العودة.
  • الشحن في جميع أنحاء العالم ، عودة 30 يوما!
  • مددت 60 يوما العودة.
  • الشحن في جميع أنحاء العالم ، عودة 30 يوما!
  • مددت 60 يوما العودة.
  • الشحن في جميع أنحاء العالم ، عودة 30 يوما!
  • مددت 60 يوما العودة.

Join us global elevator shoes Resellers

Charmaripa distribution is named that more than 90% of our global customers are wearing our elevator shoes. They are becoming more and more confident and gentlemen, challengeable personal and look taller and taller, from 170cm to 180cm by the Charmaripa shoes no matter where they are.. Meanwhile, they are happy to share their experience with others and help those who need. Furthermore, it opens their own gate of wealth and a better life will be one by one.....

Advantages: Brand Support( Good Product Can Bring You More)

1).Huge Market: Everyone pursue being taller, especially those who shorter than the average height of the crowd. On formal occasion: The wedding, the interview, the reception, the performance, the white collar, the merchant, the politician, the actor... All need!

2).Less Competition: In regular shoes market, if says the selling profit like 6 people share 10 apples, then in elevator shoes market can be 1 people own 6 apples.What is more, elevator shoe is the only effective product in the current increased consumer market.

3).High Feedback: Psychology: Who get used to live in good life would not like to live in poor life, just like people who get used to be tall, would not like to be short. Chamaripa have a stable customer base, feedback rate is over 90%. The longer the distribution time, the more profit you gain.

4).High Quality: Chamaripa own a R&D quality traceability system to find out the production of the corresponding process technician, can ensure the product quality. Each style, each size of shoes is configured to corresponding increasing layer.

5).Various Category: Chamaripa launch more than 500 different styles of men's and women's shoes every season, 5-13cm(2-5 inch) increased height to choose, covering the series of dress shoes, casual shoes, sports shoes, skateboard shoes, boots, sandals.

6).Sound Service: Awarded a patent for invention, started business with a professional increased shoes production base in 1996, served more than 40 countries around the world, more than 100 footwear brands provide increased shoes R&D and production services, and customize for accumulated 300 the number of stars, more than 120 politicians.

7).Support: zero risk, zero inventory, low investment, saving you the trouble of capital and inventory; regular promotional activities sharing, irregular network technology support, sales skills training.

Chamaripa Distributor Policy

No. Brand Chamaripa No brand Personal brand Rebate

Wholesale(Quantity≥200 pairs)

2 Advance payment
(Refund unacceptable)
$5000 35% off 30% off / Sales over 300-800 pairs,get $3 per pair rebate
$30000 45% off 40% off /
3 Retail shipping 22% off 15% off /
others customized shoes Luxioury shoes No EXTRA fee, delivery time is 15 days
others EXTRA $20 per pair,delivery time time is 7 days

1. All product prices are subject to the retail of official site:
2. Retail price on official site below $80 products, do not participate in above discount, the price confirmed by further consultation.
3. Above quotation does not include the freight, the freight charge according to the actual freight.
4. Advance payment can not be returned.
5. Deposit is not refundable, only can be deducted in the next payment.
6. Rebate only can be deduct from the next year amount.

Return And Exchange Policy

Reason Shipping Back Second Shiping Additional info
Quality issue Supplier Supplier If need supplier bear the shipping fee, distributors need to confirm with the supplier, after a good negotiation, distributors need to pay it in advance, then contact supplier for payment.
Ship wrong items Supplier Supplier
Consumer don't like Distributor Distributor
Wrong size(Return) Distributor Distributor
Wrong size(Exchange) Distributor Distributor
Exchange models Distributor Distributor
Color difference( No quality issue) Distributor Distributor

Notice: the same order for exchange back and forth second times or above, the shipping fee is at distributors cost.

Cooperation Tips

1.Before placing an order, please consult the goods is available or not, and confirm the delivery period for building a happy and long term business relationship.
2.Product quality: supplier will check goods quality before shipping out to ensure quality.
3.After sales service: in case of quality problems, please contact with our staff in advance, we provide return and exchanges. (exchange for the other products that above value, distributor need to pay the price difference.)

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