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What should do tall women with shorter men?

What do you think if tall women with shorter men?

I've always been bigger. I usually say 5 '10 ", and when I was measured at the doctor's office, I was a little bit shorter. When you're tall all the time, sometimes you think people are shorter than you, and that's true. Generally speaking, the men I've dated are my height or taller. Those who are much taller than me are always the most exciting because I've rarely had the chance to feel short before.

Of course I meet short men all the time, but I would never rule out a man because of his height. This can be a handicap, as you can't control your height as an adult, but you can quickly gain 5-15cm by wearing height increasing shoes.

In fact, some short men just think they have no chance with taller girls, even if all their interests are aligned. Some may even see a taller woman (or a shorter man) as a red flag. It's just a bad stereotype that many of us have embraced. Until now.

One question in particular on Reddit has generated a lot of interest because it reveals how people's views on height and dating are changing. The survey asked whether men would not like to date tall women and whether women would not like to date short men.

Have you met in your life. tall women and shorter men or tall women with shorter men, I think such a thing is not without it, or the girlfriend does not wear high heels when just as tall as the boyfriend, but wearing high heels than the boyfriend a section. Now, here's a question: Can you tolerate your boyfriend being shorter than you about tall women with shorter men?

#1:The first girl said, "I don't mind if my boyfriend is shorter than me. But he has to be really good looking. Otherwise he is not handsome, but so short, why should I be good with him? Why should I be her girlfriend?" Does it blow your boyfriend's mind to hear that?

#2: really can't tolerate: BECAUSE the beauty said since it is my boyfriend my future husband then MUST be higher than me a lot otherwise I can't wear high heels, a wear high heels will be higher than him a lot, feel five big three thick, no longer that kind of petite lovely.

#3:I don't mind if my boyfriend is very good-looking and has money and a car and a house and he is shorter than me. If he is very ugly then I really can't accept it.

First of all, what is the problem with girls being taller than boys?

1. Look mismatched

2. No sense of security

Here are some of the women's responses to the "tall women with shorter men" topic:

#1:Is love and height related? ? I am taller than my boyfriend. So what does it matter? The most important thing is whether you really love her and whether she really doesn't mind? It's fine for the two of you to love each other. Love is with the heart, with action, with everything. Also, you have to be confident. My boyfriend also often buys high heels for me. He says that girls need to wear high heels to be feminine. He always has that new confidence when he walks with me. You must know how to love someone, you must be careful! ! ! Then there will be no problem! !

#2:Love is not high or low. If you love each other, you don't care what the world says and thinks. Unless you feel something. No one can do it. Isn't it said that man's greatest enemy is himself?

#3:Of course there will be, it's normal. But as long as she has the right attitude, she loves you, not her height, she doesn't despise you, and other people's alternative vision frightens you. After all, there are very few people who grow taller from broken bones. You should study more and have rich knowledge. When you get up, the cultural quality revealed in your gestures and the extraordinary conversation will make others look at you with admiration. This is the only way to enrich yourself and show your charm from other aspects.

#4:First of all, the girl is taller than you, and you are looking for her as a girlfriend, then you must have accepted this reality in your heart. At this time, there is nothing embarrassing or embarrassing for you to be together, but it may be a long time, and you will be afraid of being made fun of. You can try to go outside with her as little as possible, and if you do, try not to walk side by side, preferably riding or sitting in a car. You can also buy a pair of height-enhancing shoes advertised by Zeng Zhiwei. Then, you try to do your best in other areas, make you feel a little superior in front of her, and your inferiority complex will be eliminated.

A person's appearance is often full of confusion, and what brings you together in the end is not your height, but your heart. In fact, to put it bluntly, it mainly depends on the relationship between two people. Sometimes things like height can only be regarded as "icing on the cake".

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