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Jacksepticeye Height

Jacksepticeye ,a popular Youtuber personality with yellow hair and blue eyes ,who has amassed 19.8+million subscribers and 9.8+billion views on his channel. He is known for his energy, distinct accent and loud commentary. It seems that few fans are interested in Jacksepticeye height. How tall is Jacksepticeye ? He stands a height of 5feet 8.5inches(174cm) but be claims in a video that he measured 177.5cm(although doesn't say or show what is on his feet).

It is easy to offset that few inches difference by wearing an elevator shoes, which looks normal but hidden a height increasing insole inside. Lifting shoes is nothing new for both celebrities and normal people,but most of them take it as a secret and they will feel shamed and embarrassed when others know he is wearing elevator shoes. Just don't understand why people can gladly accept high heels and make up for women ,but not elevator shoes for men.They are just a tool for people to appear a better stature and more attractive appearance. But there will be one day when elevator shoes is never a secret because it is human being to peruse good things ,it is a trend.

Jacksepticeye Height Elevator Shoes