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6cm (2.36 inch) Taller

Chamaripa Height Increase Elevator Shoes White Slip-on Sneakers for Men raised Height Walking Shoes 6CM /2.36 Inches

Price: $149.00


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Elevator Shoes Insoles - Natural Linen Comfortable Height Increasing Insole
height increasing sock
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  • Size Chart
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  • Height Increase+6CM / 2.36 Inches
  • Upper MaterialSoft Leather
  • Lining MaterialPigskin Leather
  • Color SelectionWhite
  • SeasonSpring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
  • Features Soft leather upper fits your foot well with dense air holes to help heat dissipation and quickly wick sweat to keep feet cool, creates a lightweight and soft pair of casual fashion sneakers, providing day-long comfort! The rubber outsole is designed with Asymmetrical stripes to provide rebound by stages. Improve the rebound when feet touch the ground; Relieve joint impact; Walk freely and stable.

Please Keep in mind, everyone's feet are different and there's not a scale that fits all! So before you place your order please be sure to carefully review our return & exchange policy ( return policys )! Happy Shopping!

Men Size Chart
US Men Inches CM Euro UK
6.5 9 1/4 23.5 37 5.5
7 9 1/2 24.0 38 6
7.5 9 5/8 24.5 39 6.5
8 9 3/4 25.0 40 7
8.5-9 10-10 1/8 25.5 41 7.5-8
9.5-10 10 1/4 - 10 1/2 26.0 42 8.5-9
10.5-11 10 5/8-10 3/4 26.5 43 9.5-10
11.5 11 27.0 44 10.5
12 11 1/4 27.5 45 11
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Customer Reviews

  1. Joel   Jun 2, 2019

    Great slip-on sneakers for a great price   Verified Purchase

    I would have to say these are great slip-on sneakers in classic white color, and the fit is great, as I had expected. I am a happy customer. My only concern is that I find them to be a bit too pricey, I wish they had a discount for returning customers.
  2. Caleb   Jun 2, 2019

    Great buy   Verified Purchase

    These are the 2nd greatest pair of shoes I've ever owned, not an exaggeration because Chamaripa is really an awesome brand for height increasing shoes. Seriously though, I get a ton of compliments on these. Plus, my wife and I enjoy mixing and matching our outfits with shoes from time to time.
  3. Silas   Jun 2, 2019

    My new fave of slip-on sneakers   Verified Purchase

    I love these new elevator shoes, they are now my fave pair of slip-on sneakers for my everyday use. Shipping was fast and Chamaripa shoes are so amazing and will always be. They will match with so many outfits. Fit like gloves on me and I am VERY happy with this purchase! Thank you!
  4. Diego   Jun 2, 2019

    Excellent slip-on   Verified Purchase

    These elevator shoes are very comfy to wear all day, look clean and nice, and easy to slip in to while staying securely on my feet. I have to wash these shoes quite often due to my job, and these shoes hold up very well in the washer and dryer - absolutely no falling apart!
  5. Dario   Jun 2, 2019

    Very nice ones.   Verified Purchase

    I am so happy with the purchase. They look very sleek and nice too. I like that they are elevator shoes as well. A way nicer fit than the other slip-ons which I have had in the past. I would say that the look of these is definitely worth the price difference!
  6. Daryl   Jun 2, 2019

    Wish I met them sooner   Verified Purchase

    I wish I met them sooner and bought them sooner but I will definitely be back for more and I am sure of that. The canvas is very thick and nice! They have actually kept my feet relatively dry and warm which I was not expecting, and they are very comfy even though they have hidden heels for men.
  7. Darren   Jun 2, 2019

    Way better than the generic slip-on sneakers   Verified Purchase

    I REALLY LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE! These are my new favorite slip-on sneakers. I have been wanting a new pair for years and I finally bought them. Why are they better than the generic slip ons (you might ask)? BECAUSE these are also height increasing shoes, perfect for anyone who wants to achieve being a bit taller!!
  8. Ezekiel   Jun 2, 2019

    Simplicity   Verified Purchase

    I love the awesome Chamaripa elevator shoes for a number of reasons but my main reason is that I needed some comfortable easy slip-on shoes that basically go with every outfit I picked. Totally worth it and recommended if you’re just looking for a pair of simple white yet comfortable shoes.
  9. Ronnie   Jun 2, 2019

    Simple yet perfect   Verified Purchase

    These are fantastic looking, classic Chamaripa height increasing shoes. They are clean, look just like the pictures, and came in the real and expensive looking box and in nice packaging. These shoes rock! They fit my truest size perfectly. They arrived before time and in great condition. So far, the are holding up very well.
    I would recommend this product.
  10. Jorard   Jun 2, 2019

    Comfy and awesome   Verified Purchase

    They are great looking taller men shoes. They are excellent for traveling, comfortable most of the day. This color scheme goes with nearly everything which is a pleasant bonus. What’s not to love? These shoes fit great that they make coming back for more. :) I will definitely shop for more taller men shoes.
  11. Angelo   Jun 2, 2019

    Comfy elevator shoes   Verified Purchase

    I was looking for a comfortable pair of white slip-on sneakers and glad I stumbled upon Chamaripa. These sneakers are perfectly comfortable to wear all day long even if they are elevator shoes. I went on vacation took them with me wearing them just about the whole vacation. So if you want comfortable good quality sneakers, buy these, you really will not be disappointed.
  12. Emmanuel   Jun 2, 2019

    I love them.   Verified Purchase

    I ordered the same size as my last pair, which still fit. These new pair were a bit tight. I am assuming they will stretch as I wear them, it's not a major issue though since most shoes have a break in period. I think that I might go a half size up next time I buy another pair of elevator shoes.
  13. Samson   Jun 2, 2019

    No problems   Verified Purchase

    I can never go wrong with Chamaripa height increasing shoes. These slip on sneakers are definitely the best pair I have ever bought from this site. They go well with almost any of my outfit and are incredible for everyday use. I love the look and the sizing, these shoes are very comfy.
  14. Mackie   Jun 2, 2019

    Fit well and made well   Verified Purchase

    My son loves these and wears them to school all day. They are comfortable. The arch support is incredible (like a running shoe) and good (better than other similarly designed slip-on sneakers). They fit as expected and are well made. We would (and will) buy these again, I am sure.
  15. Robertson   Jun 2, 2019

    Thank you Chamaripa   Verified Purchase

    I was recently having pain in my right foot, probably from wearing shoes with too little arch support/whole foot support. I just received these new Chamaripa shoes yesterday and I already know they will be my favorite shoes. Just right out of the box, I quickly put them on and the pain in my foot went away.
  16. Leandro   Jun 2, 2019

    Love these Chamaripa taller men shoes   Verified Purchase

    This is my second time to buy a pair because I had to buy a pair of my son. We both love them. And we bought wear them for everyday use. He never complained about them hurting his feet. No complaints here. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is reluctant to buy them.
  17. Kyle   Jun 2, 2019

    So relieved!   Verified Purchase

    I've been wanting to buy new slip-on sneakers for ages now. I was a little hesitant to buy them off the internet because of possible size issues and not being able to try them on before purchasing, but I went ahead and did it. And boy did I make the right decision. These are awesome taller men shoes.
  18. Vladimir   Jun 2, 2019

    I love them always   Verified Purchase

    I loved the shoes when I got them as I've always wanted a pair of new Slip-On shoes and I am glad I made the right decision by choosing Chamaripa after I have heard and learned that they make great elevator shoes for men. It feels so comfy to wear these shoes and I did not have any issues with them.
  19. Melchor   Jun 2, 2019

    Nice sneakers   Verified Purchase

    Love these sneakers! Comfortable and the fit is right. Dear ladies, we men love sneakers and cannot get enough of them, they are men's sized so follow the size chart carefully. If you have a short partner then these sneakers are perfect for your men because they are height increasing shoes.
  20. Jack   Jun 2, 2019

    Thumbs up.   Verified Purchase

    The fit is spot on, the shoes are comfortable even though they have hidden heels for men inside them with the main goal of making guys taller by a few inches. The price is so reasonable, good enough for my everyday use and I am hoping they will hold up well.
  21. Robin   Jun 2, 2019

    Simple slip-on shoes   Verified Purchase

    I am pleased with the product as it showed up early, looks exactly as the item description, but the shoes somehow look a bit better in person. They are very comfy and slightly off-beat (which works well for me) and I enjoy their height increasing shoes capability. They are definitely a good buy.
  22. Cedrick   Jun 2, 2019

    My first pair of slip on sneakers from Chamaripa   Verified Purchase

    It is my first time to buy from this brand and needless to say, I am very pleased with the delivery, packaging, and quality of these shoes. They are very comfy to use for my skateboarding and biking. I love them and I love how they make me tall by a few inches as they are tall men shoes.
  23. Connor   Jun 2, 2019

    Something a little different   Verified Purchase

    I bought these for my 17 year old for his birthday after his constant begging and pleading for a NEW pair of slip on sneakers. So far, my son loves them and they are his everyday shoes. He loves that they are a little different from what everyone else is wearing because they are legit elevator shoes.
  24. Jackson   Jun 2, 2019

    Chamaripa shoes are awesome   Verified Purchase

    It's a FACT, Chamaripa height increasing shoes are awesome! They are very beautiful in person than their pictures. They're actually way more comfortable, for me, than conventional athletic shoes because it's like having paradise on my feet all day. They are so easy to slip in to and get out of. Thank you, Chamaripa.
  25. Keith   Jun 2, 2019

    Truly awesome   Verified Purchase

    Holy cow! These elevator shoes are wonderful. I could wear these every single day. They provide the cushion I need to keep my feet from being so sore that I can't sleep. I can slip in and out at will, no laces to slow me down. I really love these type of shoes.
  26. Lester   Jun 2, 2019

    Super comfy and adorable   Verified Purchase

    Dear Heavenly Lord,
    I could NOT BE HAPPIER when I received them!
    The quality is better than I expected, which is to say A LOT better in person.
    I am not easy to please when it comes to quality so these being so well made are really surprising and I am happy that they are heigh increasing shoes.
  27. Christopher   Jun 2, 2019

    They rock!   Verified Purchase

    They are super comfortable, light and adorable! I did not have any blisters or other discomforts ever since I wore them. I have been wearing them for about 4 weeks now. I’m so happy I purchased them! Grab yourself or someone you love a pair! They are affordable and made with high quality materials.
  28. Greg   Jun 2, 2019

    Satisfying slip on sneakers   Verified Purchase

    They have good arch support despite being sneakers or slip-on sneakers or taller men shoes. They are inexpensive but built with good quality. These are very comfy and fit true to size. It has been about 3 weeks since I have been wearing them and they have held up well.
  29. Dominic   Jun 2, 2019

    Nice slip-on sneakers   Verified Purchase

    I'm having a mid-life crisis and Chamaripa elevator shoes always help assuage my desires because their products have great value. These are great slip-on sneakers with classic styling and provide a comfortable fit. These shoes are authentic and appear to be in perfect condition. Simple white color but very attractive. I might buy again.
  30. Henry   Jun 2, 2019

    Cool slip on sneakers   Verified Purchase

    They are authentic, and true to size (as I had expected) in both width and length. Nice elevator shoes for men. My absolute favorite pair of shoes! The toe box of these shoes is wide enough to accommodate my wider front. I am very happy and satisfied with my purchase.
  31. Jose   Jun 1, 2019

    Excellent slip on sneakers   Verified Purchase

    They are super comfortable and very stylish. It's been a long time since I bought a pair of slip-on sneakers and also a very long time since I did online shopping and I've been eyeballing on them for quite some time that I finally gave in and bought them, they are nice as these are elevator shoes.
  32. Nathaniel   Apr 15, 2019

    Damaged   Verified Purchase

    My excitement for Chamaripa height increasing shoes died when I received a damaged, used and abused product and the same goes for the packaging. I had to return them. This is my 3rd time buying from this company, I never had any issues with my first 2 purchases except for this one.
  33. Tristan   Apr 3, 2019

    Did not fit well   Verified Purchase

    I know new Chamaripa elevator shoes will stretch out over time just like any other but these did not, and now I am just trying to figure out what to do with them. This was a costly mistake I made and I have to return them. Also, the delivery took a while, which took 10 days for them to arrive.
  34. Danny   Mar 20, 2019

    Nice.   Verified Purchase

    I love these shoes. They're comfortable, fit snug and I wear them all day and don't get tired of having them on my feet. I just wish they have more color options to choose from because white sneakers are always high maintenance shoes and need to be well taken care of, my OCD tells me they cannot get dirty. Overall, good shoes.
  35. Sylvester   Feb 19, 2019

    Good shoes   Verified Purchase

    I needed a new pair of slip-on sneakers for everyday use so I bought these because I know for a fact that Chamaripa makes amazing elevator shoes. I am happy with the speed of the delivery, however, these shoes are somehow expensive and they took some time to break in as they were not too comfy at first.

Reviewing: Chamaripa Height Increase Elevator Shoes White Slip-on Sneakers for Men raised Height Walking Shoes 6CM /2.36 Inches

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