Why Tall is Might and How To Become One

Society’s notion of hegemony is associated with being tall even though power comes from different shapes and sizes. Growing up with the idea of the tall prince charming saving the damsel in distress, we, in all of our might, need to find a solution when height is not within our arsenal. Thoughts such as men’s shoes with heels pop in our consciousness just to achieve the maximum length of our desires and recognize that it may sound a tad bit too crazy. However, tall is might and if you want to become one, the said idea should be considered. Men who are taller are more inclined to succeed in life because they don’t have to worry about becoming noticeable in public and everywhere for that matter. In this discourse, you will learn that even though height can equate to attaining power, and here are the answers as to why height is might and how to become one:

That Additional Lift

Studies show that men who grew up being tall are happier than those who are no gifted with height. This norm has been haunting those who want to succeed in life and in their professional career without realizing there’s an answer to counter the said study.

Today, the solution to almost most problems can be solved with one accessory: elevator shoes. They are men’s shoes with heels height and are hidden in the insoles. They provide additional height to the man who is spotted wearing them up to 5-inches or more, depending on the shoes’ design.

Wearing a pair with extra height shoes is not something to be ashamed of, rather must be celebrated. This creation saves short men from being insecure about their height. Elevator shoes are crafted properly by artisans who instilled improvement in posture while designing each pair. Essentially, that additional lift is all you need to be noticed more in the workplace.

Becoming tall the natural way

Proper sleep has proven to help increase someone’s height. When you are sleeping, growth hormones start to travel around your body while you are in slumber. However, even at a young age, there are instances where these growth hormones don’t circulate around your limbs which answers why not everyone grew up to be tall. Naturally, men and women start to feel changes in their physical appearance once they hit puberty. Throughout this process, you will encounter a sudden difference in your height, body, and voice. While in that stage, it is essential to keep away from stress and getting involved with the wrong crowd.

Once we hit our twenties, our bodies ideally stop from growing, but if you are still aspiring for more height, the next best solution is to stay active. Find a sport, do every day stretching, and enjoy the beauty of walking. Stretching helps activate the dormant muscles in your body and stretches them out, resulting to adding more length. Furthermore, do exercise that also includes stretching such as pilates, yoga, swimming, and boxing. While the results won’t be as evident as you want it to be, at least you added that extra half inch.

Moreover, becoming tall usually starts with proper posture. Once you corrected your hunch back or narrowing neck, you sure can go to places with more poise and more confident stand. Elongate your neck, shoulders back, and stand properly as if you are a 6’0″ in a 5’6″ body.

The power height upholds

When Isaac Newton said “if I see further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants,” maybe what he meant what to stand tall than others and not letting your special skills become stale. The genius himself stands 5’6″ which seems that when he said those words, he didn’t let his height become a determining factor to achieve great things.

Height, though a physical attribute, can be felt in different ways. For example, an athlete who is considered too short for his chosen sport needs to work doubly hard to compete with those blessed with height and talent in which sport they join.

For example, an open hitter in volleyball stands 5’4″, a height considered too short for the said position and sport in general. The said athlete revealed that he works triple than his teammates to prove his worth in the position. With his determination, he became the most valuable player and considered one of the greats in the collegiate league where he competed. Even though height is the easiest and most recognizable features for athletes, you can be an exception by just working extra hard.

This simply means why we are all not gifted equally, height should never be a determining factor to achieve greater heights. However, additional length won’t hurt anyone with elevator shoes that come in different designs such as lift boots as well as dress shoes with lifts.

Why tall is might and how you just became one

Power can develop from different forms. If you are aspiring to become a leader in your chosen field, remember that if you are short, working harder than those who are born tall is important. Though this idea is outdated, there are still bosses who are conservative thinkers and we must do everything in our abilities to ensure we get the same treatment as to those who don’t have to push themselves to the limit in order to be noticed.

Almost everything comes easy for men who are tall – from the workplace to their everyday lives. They just stand out more than their shorter contemporaries. Yes, it is true height is might. It is evident in almost every profession there is. If you want to become one, you have to believe that you can be with elevator shoes.

By adding that additional lift, you can be a force to be reckoned, particularly in the workplace, once you find the perfect pair to fit your size. When they say being tall is related to wealth and power, keep in mind that you can be just that even though you are below the average male height.


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