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Why Buy Elevator Shoes and Where To Get Them

Do you feel like your height is not enough? Ever felt overlooked because you are short? Resulting in elevator shoes is the best thing that can happen to you. Aside from its health benefits (elevator shoes help improve a man’s posture), that one thing the universe did not give you, which in this case is height, can be you most favorable early Christmas present for yourself. Elevator shoes provide additional height to the man ranging from 2 inches up to 5 inches, depending on the shoe design.

In this article, we will decipher the frequently asked questions about elevator shoes and height, in general, to determine why you should buy elevator shoes and where to get them. This article will answer seven questions about elevator shoes as well as queries about women who are more attracted to taller men.

Where to buy elevator shoes?

While there are numerous ways to spend on shoes that make you taller, knowing where to purchase a pair of elevator shoes with assured quality is not as simple as a walk in the park. Chamaripa shoes is a brand that provides quality shoes to increase height, where a single pair needs to follow a 64-step process before selling it to the public market. The said steps include the following:

– Choosing of material
– Shoe last
– Design
– Leather cutting
– Choosing of the inner layer
– Punching
– Sewing
– Quality Traceability System

These steps are the brand’s vision to ensure the noble quality of elevator shoes before giving it to their customers.

What are the components of the elevator shoes?

Before spending your money on elevator shoes, you must first know what is in store for you from the material to the insole. Chamaripa Shoes uses quality leather in each design to ensure the longevity of the shoes. From the outer layer to the lining, the artisans who make these shoes carefully chooses the appropriate leather for each design to cater to the needs of the public market. Elevator shoes must have the outsole of the shoes, the height increasing layer that ranges from 2-inches to 5-inches, the insole, and the outer layer of the shoes.

What are the different types of elevator shoes?

Fashion evolves quarterly per season. Since shoes is a major player in the fashion business, just like clothes, they must also keep up with the changes in trends. Chamaripa Shoes sells on-trend designs that can compete with the fashion market that can be seen in department stores today. The brand sells a variety of dress shoes, casual shoes, boots, and even sandals. Moreover, they also offer high heels sneakers for women, a specific style of shoes that have been dominating the street savvy fashionistas.

What is the type of elevator shoes you must purchase?

Being tall should not be a one-time affair. You can’t be tall one day and go back to being short the following day. Men who want to purchase elevator shoes must have at least one formal dress shoes with extra elevation, casual sneakers with additional 2-inches in height (preferably white), and own a pair of leather boots for cold seasons.

What’s the ideal height for men? 

The average height in the USA for men is 5 foot 9.5 inches. While this number is common in that landscape, studies show that the ideal height is at least 6 foot 2 inches.

Are women more attracted to tall men? 

While height is not necessarily a determining factor for following what the heart desires, it is a known fact that individuals have their own preferences. In pop culture, women usually go for the standard tall, dark, and handsome archetype. In movies, the leading man is much taller in comparison to their female partners. This fits how media molds us to lead us to their vision of what a man should be and look like.

Taller man has it easier on them. They look sharper than their shorter counterparts. An example of this is the recently celebrated engagement of comedian Pete Davidson and pop superstar Ariana Grande. The Saturday Night Live stand up comedian stands 6 foot 3 while the “God Is A Women” pop singer is only 5 foot. While we are not certain that the comedian’s height was a determining factor to his relationship with the pop superstar – Grande is also known for dating tall men based on her past relationships.- this current media frenzy can be a reflection of how tall men have life handed easier on them as portrayed by the mainstream media.

Meanwhile, the stars of the Netflix chick-flick “The Kissing Booth,” the lead actor Jacob Elordi is a brooding who played the lead role of Noah Flynn is 6 foot 4 inches, while the lead actress Joey King who played Elle Evans is 5 foot 4 inches. The more interesting part of this pairing is the fact that they are actually dating in real life.  

Attraction starts with what we see. The man’s physical attributes are the woman’s first glance at the man. This means before the guy opens his mouth, the first judgment is inevitable that is solely based on his physicality. However, romantic chemistry is what makes a relationship. If a woman connects with a shorter man, the domino effect will follow as she becomes attracted to the man himself, outside of his physical appearance.

How can short men be tall?

Like it or not, fashion plays an important role in achieving what you want. In this case, short mean should embrace elevator shoes in their every life because they have proven to be effective to achieve the height you want. An average 5 foot 9 inches can become 6 foot 2 inches like a Hollywood actor. Because of the added elevation provided by the said shoe style, 5 inches becomes something you step on your everyday life.


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