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Wearing Elevator Shoes that Give You Height : The Unwritten Rules

Elevator shoes are firmly in the market today; where women have and are proud of their high heels, the men still tend to lag behind with acceptance of the elevator shoes that give you height still something that is slow moving. There remains a huge debate about them, but are they really worth it. Should men wear and accept them more?

Elevator shoes

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The idea
The point of elevator shoes are that people who want to feel taller, feel a little subconscious about their height or would like to improve their posture do not have to struggle to find options. With elevator shoes for men becoming more popular, the options out there are becoming more stylish. Today, you do not have to sacrifice style if you want to arrive at that job interview feeling more confident of yourself, or if you’re simply looking for a night out in town. For most people, the biggest fear is whether they will look ridiculous wearing these shoe lifts for men,, and whether the tradeoff will be worth it in the end. First, it is important to note that these tall men shoes work, and for some people they do with devastating effect.

tall men shoes

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Secondly, fashion designers have made it such that when one wears those 5 inch elevator shoes, they do not have to look ridiculous doing so. There are so many available style options out there, all of which look stunning and discreet. You will look no different from someone wearing the normal flat shoes. Of course they take some getting used to, for you and for everyone else, what with the additional inches added. However, to the person looking at the shoe, it will be much less obvious that there are height increasing additions therein.

The shoe

Generally speaking, it is the shorter guys that are linked to height increasing shoes.However, many will find that your height does not really matter. Many people, even relatively taller individuals, wear them and think of them as accessories to their look. They are especially popular with those that have a lousy posture and might want themselves standing tall and not slouching and looking defeated or lazy.

height increasing shoes

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What to consider

They are a lifesaver, but there are a few things to think about when buying elevator shoes. First, avoid the chunky boxy type elevator shoes. They tend to distract from your sense of fashion, and instead attract more attention to your feet area, which is the last thing you want if you are sensitive about matters height. Secondly, even though you want to badly add some inches on or even improve your posture, comfort is key. Buy only those shoes that are comfortable to walk in and look decent for your sense of style.

The best part of that is there are elevator shoes of different kinds in the market, from sneakers to  men’s dress shoes that add height. Furthermore, they come in many different height varieties, from simple 2-3 inch to 5 inch lifts. Whichever ones you choose, the rules remain the same. If unsure, go for shoes made or designed by specialist companies, you will never go wrong.


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