Tips for Buying Shoes for Different Types of Foot Width

Take a moment to chat with a few lady friends and you will agree with me that the first thing they notice about a man is their shoe. I mean, what’s it with the shoe that women are so obsessed about? Why not obsess with the designer suit, cologne or even the shiny expensive watch on a man’s hand? Truth be told, we can never really figure women out and for that reason, we have to agree with them (however insane), that a shoe is the first thing they notice on a man.

This revelation has over the years sent men into a frenzy of sorts. Men from all walks of life try to invest in the best shoes to make a statement, stand shoulder high over peers or simply to catch the eye of that beautiful woman they have secretly been admiring. Be it official shoes, boots, sneakers, or mens narrow hiking boots, the ultimate goal has always been the comfort and the overriding desire to stand out.

While it’s easy to buy any of the aforementioned types of shoes, the challenge has always been in getting the right type of shoe that fits one’s foot width. No doubt, we all have different feet width and while others find the right shoe for their foot width, there are those who shopping for mens narrow width boots is always a struggle.

In fact, it is correct to say that we all are guilty of inadvertently trying to squeeze our feet into shoes that are too tight because we want to make a fashion statement or simply because we do not know the right mens narrow width work boots. The result is discomfort, foot pain and what not.

In most cases, the length of the shoes is never a problem. The trouble comes in where foot width is concerned. People have different foot width which at times can make the process of finding the perfect fit challenging. That said, how do we go about buying shoes for different types of foot width? Does your feet type make it easy for you to find the right dress boots for men or is it a constant struggle?

Have you been looking for important tips that you can use to buy a particular type of shoe that fits your foot width? If that’s the case, then you came to the right place. Without further ado, let’s shade light on tips for buying shoes for different types of foot width. Shall we?

  • Narrow feet

Is your width feet narrow? Are you wondering how you can buy the best mens narrow shoes? Well, if you have narrow feet, it is recommended that you go for shoes that have an ankle/T-Bar or shoes that lace up. Why is this so? Well, with narrow feet, shoes that lace up ensures that you can easily fasten your shoes to ensure that your feet fit properly. Go for your actual size shoe and not one that is a half size smaller as it might make it uncomfortable for you to walk or rather pinch you. The most important aspect of your shoe buying endeavor should be to have shoes that are comfortable and perfectly fit your foot width.

  • Medium feet

Medium feet people are considered lucky owing to the fact that they virtually never experience or have problems finding mens dress boots with suit, mens narrow shoes or any type of shoes they desire for their feet width. Medium feet men pretty much find the type of shoe they need because many manufacturers work with medium feet as standard foot width when making shoes.

  • Wide feet

Individuals with wide feet experience the biggest challenge finding the right shoe fit that is comfortable, stylish and doesn’t appear matronly. Some are even forced to order their dress boots shoes directly from the manufacturers as they are hard to find in the market. However, this revelation need not be a discouragement. Owing to the increase in demand for shoes with wide feet, a number of brands have started manufacturing ultra wide shoes for individuals with wide feet.

In addition to this, those with wide feet can also resort to buying barefoot shoes which are quite instrumental because they mimic the shape of the feet or if they like, they can opt for flat shoes. The bottom line is, buying shoes that are in tandem with your foot width is quintessential. It allows you to set out in style, walk with comfort and strike the right cords with those beauties that love a man with a good pair of shoe.

With that said, where can you buy mens narrow width boots or dress boots for men? With millions of people preferring to shop online from the comfort of their offices, villas or even while on vacation in an exotic place, shopping online comes across as the most ideal way to shop for mens narrow shoes.

You simply need to check out various stores online, check what they have in store, compare prices, go through their shipping policies, read reviews of past customers and if satisfied, order for a shoe that meets your tastes and preferences. All these can be done from wherever you are without moving an inch.

On the other hand, if you are the traditional kind of person that loves to shop the old fashioned way, all you need to do is pay a visit any of your local retail stores that sell different types of shoes and buy one that suits you. The benefit of going this route is that you actually get to fit the shoes, feel their texture and what not before actually buying them.

In a nutshell, you no longer need to worry about your foot width. The aforementioned tips should be able to help you make an informed decision and ensure that you buy the right type of shoe for your foot width. What are you waiting for? Get online and order for that shoe you’ve been yearning for!



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