The Right Height Increasing Shoes for Shorter Men

The truth is, when you are born short, almost everything you purchase needs alteration. When you find a good pair of pants you like, the chances are the waist fits perfectly but the hem needs cutting. If you pamper yourself with new shoes, you just can’t buy anything and always result in buying the right shoes for shorter men and look for that extra elevation. It can be frustrating sometimes that you just don’t want to buy anything anymore simply because all the extra work to consider just for one item becomes a hassle.

In every situation, there is always a possible solution. After we accept the situation we are in, we have to move forward and find the remedy to our lack of height. With the technology immersing faster than speed of light, and trends changing every season, one thing is constant: men platform shoes. Since there is no shame in being short, we just really need to accept that fate brought us to this, and tailors – as well as elevator shoes – are our friends.

his may sound awkward but once you get the hang of the idea of men in high heels, everything will seem to be a walk in the park. All your inhibitions will slowly fade, and you will conquer the streets with more length more than ever with elevator shoes. They are shoes that make you taller without anyone questioning you why you suddenly became 5’9” when you are just a mere 5’6”.

Men in high heels may sound taboo when you read or imagine it, but there are actual benefits that can help you both in style and in health. Studies show that men who wear elevator shoes appear taller than they actually are because the additional heels are hidden in the insoles. They are carefully designed to lift your body back to its proper posture. Generally, no one will ever know you are wearing heels because they are nowhere to be found.

However, every short man needs to be precise with their chosen footwear. For example, it is advisable to stay away from shoes that add more bulk to the toe area because it will make your feet look smaller than it actually is. If you are a size 7, make sure you sport shoes that are slimmer such as oxfords or Chelsea boots.

       1.   Importance of dress shoes

One essential item in every man’s closet is the dress shoes. They are available in different designs and colors that fit in specific occasions from your everyday office wear to formal events such as weddings. You wear dress shoes everywhere you go. Even when you like simple clothing, if paired with the right height increasing shoes, especially if you are short, it can make even a 5’5” look and feel like he is 5’9”. Designs like dress shoes exude confidence to the wearer especially when styled properly. In every outfit, shoes with lifts have the ability to dictate what looks good and what should be avoided.

If you observe your style heroes, you will see that brown oxford has the quality of gaining more attention simply because it strays away from the usual norm of black leather. To make things more exciting, buy monkstraps or wingtip oxfords to add playfulness in your ensemble especially if you are keener to wearing neutral colors or dark hues.

       2.   Men’s heeled boots

Nothing says rockstar than a man who walks in black skinny jeans and makes the outfit all about the boots. Men’s heeled boots have been redesigned so multiple times that it has become a staple statement in every basic outfit there is. If you are a tee shirt and jeans kind of man, accentuate your look with nice suede Chelsea boots. Since most boots have heels in it, additional height will always be in the picture especially if you want to stand out in a crowd with men who are much taller than you.

Furthermore, elevator shoes have different designs of boots to its arsenal. You may opt for hiking boots, Chelsea boots, and other types that have additional insole apart from the outsole heel that you see. The magic of this specific type of shoes is that it adds 2” up to 5” height to the wearer depending on the design.

       3.   Be casual with more height

Fashion is currently celebrating what the industry calls the fugly shoes. These are shoes that should have been in the vault for a very long time, but major European brands have been including the so-called fugly shoes in their fashion shows recently. To add, it has been generating massive buzz since social media influencers have been spotted in them.

The great deal about casual shoes is its chameleon-like quality. It can be paired even when you are paired down or paired up in terms of clothing. Moreover, elevator shoes have been designing rubber shoes and sneakers that can compete in the fashion market – and this time helping men who want to add more height. With the emergence of the so-called fugly shoes, everyone now can wear any shoes they want as long as it is styled properly – usually with a hoodie jacket and tapered jeans.

       In conclusion

Shoes can dictate where you are standing in the society. This guide will help solve your fashion conundrums if you are wondering what are the right shoes for shorter men like you. If you are not blessed with height, it is best to counter it with good clothing. Since being short in this world where society says taller is always better, those who are not in that category must find different ways to make their mark, one footwear at a time.

In the professional world, you will see your bosses wearing the finest leather they could possibly find, and they wear it with finesse and confidence. It is a fact that we must choose mentors that can shape us in the right direction in terms of our career. However, being inspired by how they appear physically won’t do you any harm and can actually make you project yourself to greater things both in fashion and in life.




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