Quality over Quantity When It Comes To Elevator Shoes

Elevator shoes are created to add additional height to whoever is wearing it. It has been on the market for decades and with the recent trends in fashion, this shoes for men with *hidden heels have evolved from simple footwear to more stylish choices. Once you are a short guy living in this world where tall is considered more powerful, you need to find a way to compete with them. But how do where and what do you have to consider when you shop high heels for men with great quality? Here’s a guide:

  1. Men’s shoes with heels height: Knowing your leather

Since its inception, men’s hidden heel shoes or more commonly known as elevator shoes have been sold by numerous brands who want to help short men live their lives as an average man or more. With thousands of brands available in the shoe market, one thing you must consider is the quality of the leather, both outside, and the lining.

One quality of a good leather knowing whether it is synthetic or genuine. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with synthetic leather goods, it is wiser to purchase genuine leather because of its longevity. Once synthetic leather breaks, this manmade leather good’s façade starts to peel off which means you will not be able to wear them anymore.

Meanwhile, genuine leather is made from the skin of a certain animal that is designed carefully to compliment various designs of shoes. However, genuine leather has the tendency to be heavier than synthetic. Furthermore, genuine leather is more flexible and durable as compared to synthetic leather.

  1. Be aware of the stitching

Just like any item of fashion, stitching is an important aspect when choosing good quality shoes. Once the stitching is intact and sewn accordingly, the shoes become more robust and stable. It is important to always check the stitching of the shoes, especially on the outsole to guarantee good quality. However, with the recent technology when in terms of crafting shoes, there are machines that do the stitching which it will not cause any problem for the shopper since they are precise and is under quality control by the manufacturers before selling it to the marketplace.

  1. Choosing the right pair

Hidden heel shoes or elevator shoes have heightened insoles that range from 1-inch up to 5-inches or more. This feature is the primary selling point of this type of footwear. When choosing for the right elevator shoes, make sure you can walk comfortably in those additional shoe lifts especially for first time users who are not yet at ease with heels.

Formal shoes – Choose a pair that is slim in design with additional accents to accentuate your whole fashion sense. Buy great formal shoes that are in black, blue, gray, or brown hues because they blend more with other colors compared to more fashionable ones. However, your personal style will always play a big role when choosing the appropriate formal shoes for you. Remember that comfort is everything.

Hidden wedge sneakers – We hear the word wedge all the time from our female companions that we oftentimes associate it solely as part of women’s accessories. However, wedge, by its very meaning, is a piece of material, either metal, wood, or other materials that thick enough to provide that extra elevation. They are usually inclined from the back going down to the front or the toecaps. Wedges are comfortable platforms that are, unlike heels, are flat with hidden wedge heel placed on the outsole of the shoe.

Sneakers – Buying the right pair of sneakers can be hard because of the wide array of choices available in the market. Chamaripa shoes have a wide selection of sneakers in different styles and colors of hidden heel sneakers that adds at least 2-inches in height. If you are looking for white sneakers, the brand has more than 10 designs available for you to choose from.

Training shoes – One common mistake when it comes to shoe culture is identifying the difference between training shoes and sneakers. Training shoes are more flexible than sneakers because you would want to move when you are lifting weights or running a mile. Once you buy training shoes, it is important to have at least half an inch allowance to let your feet breathe when you are doing strenuous workouts to avoid cramps and serious injuries.

Taking care of your shoes

Buying shoes are one thing, but taking care of them is another. Here are the following items you need to keep the quality of your shoes:

  1. Leather lotion
  2. Two damp clothes, preferably white to help remove dirt and stains
  3. Suede brush for suede shoes
  4. A shoe rack placed in a well-temperature room

Why choose quality over quantity?

Shoes are actually addicting once you start buying them. They make you happy and make you feel taller when you wear them. The smell of fresh leather makes you feel good, while the soft insoles give you the comfort. However, always note that before going ballistic with shoe shopping, you must first buy all the quality essential shoes you need in your everyday life, such as:

  1. Oxford shoes for formal events
  2. Mid-cut boots for lazy night outs
  3. Comfortable training shoes for working out
  4. White sneakers for everyday wear
  5. Loafers when you want to look dapper without trying too hard

These five shoe styles are a must before you start spending on other shoe designs. Moreover, you must also consider the quality of the insole, outsole, material, and stitch when you are looking for the perfect pair of shoes because they can stay with you for a long time when you take good care of them. Remember, that the quantity of shoes in your closet is nothing compared to the quality of the shoes you are wearing. It is better to have fewer shoes with great quality, than buying too much with lesser quality.


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