Know the Elevator Shoes You Need For the Height You Want

Not all men are created equal. While there is a common standard of height in different parts of the country and the world  – the average height of men in the United States is 5 foot 9.5 inches – it is safe to assume that some are taller than the other and because of this, men who are considered short need to find their path to be aware of the best way to increase height. Many results to growth-enhancing medicine while others sweat it all out in the gym just for a chance to add a few inches. While there are different methods to increase height. For one, you need to sleep properly at an early age and avoid getting lost in the fondness of television and other gadgets that may keep you up all night. Science says our body produces growth hormones while we are asleep. Aside from that, sleeping helps aid wounds easily and results in better muscle toning. Another way to increase height is to eat healthy food that can help you generate more height. Furthermore, keeping an active lifestyle – at least stretching every day –  is also essential to stretch out those weak muscles.

If you decided you want to become taller at a late age, you will have to do more than just sleeping and exercising just to achieve the height you wish to have. Thankfully, there are these creations called elevator shoes. They are different styles of shoes made of elevator shoes such as oxford shoes and boots. Today, these custom elevator shoes are stylish and on trend that it can blend well with the rest of the clothing, you have in your closet.

What are elevator shoes?

Elevator shoes are arguably the best high heel shoes for men. They can be as normal or as stylish depending on your shoe preference, but the real magic is how these type of shoes have hidden high heels that is untraceable called “lifts”. They’re are located inside the outer layer of the shoes and in between the outsole and the insole. There are elevator shoes 10cm in additional height and it can lift you up to 5 inches or more depending on the design.  

The importance of fashion today

Tall or not, every day is an excuse to look like the best versions of themselves. As we mature through age and time, it is important for men – tall or short – to have the awareness about the importance of fashion. After all, this business of glamor and beauty aspires to provide the best option for all types of shapes and sizes – especially today where the recent trend is including plus-sized models in their fashion shows. Needless to say, we should adapt to fashion now that it has been an inclusive business, where the norm was skinny and the elongated figure must be the standard. Times are changing and we should follow now that the world is reshaping the common norm of what beauty should be.

The right shoes for formal events

The formal shoe is an important item in any man’s closet. They come in different styles and designs to fit the needs of an everyday man. You may wear them on various occasions such as weddings, office meetings, corporate events, and mixers. If you want to dress to look taller, men should buy items with additional lifts. Chamaripa shoes is an elevator shoe brand that sells a wide array of formal shoes that can blend well with your favorite wool coat and a crisp white shirt. Moreover, you may also wear dress boots, moccasins, as well as brogue oxfords depending on your style and shoe preference.  

In order to look tall with formal shoes, you should know the right cut of pants that will make your legs look slim. Experts suggest to style in a manner where you will look leaner, especially with regards to trousers because the slimmer you look, the taller you seem to become.

However, there are also instances where you can show your toned legs to look taller. Opt for short pants that cut at least 2 to 3 inches above your knee, then pair your elevator shoes to give you that Italiano men’s street style vibe every woman likes. Did you know that most Italian men buy clothes that are one size smaller than their actual size? You can actually go for this type of cut in clothing if you are a healthy eater or naturally lean.  

The in-demand shoes for casual days

Some of the best shoes for short guys right now are elevator shoes. Just look at all the recent paparazzi photographs of your favorite Hollywood A-listers: they are all wearing the phenomenon that is Chelsea boots! They are ankle cut boots made of various materials like suede, patent leather, animal leather, or other fabric and designed to give the wearer the comfort he deserves. They are step-ins and designed with no shoelaces.

In order to look tall while wearing the coveted Chelsea boots, you should pair it with a black skinny pant, possibly with a distressed finish and downplay the rest of your outfit with a simple crew neck shirt and a nicely cut leather jacket. Make sure your jacket’s hem falls before the waistband of your jeans to give a lengthening illusion. Men who stand 5 foot 8 inches can actually look like they’re at least 5 foot 10 inches once they know what works best for their body type. Furthermore, the best suggestion is to keep an active lifestyle and try to exercise daily. Do not bulk up, but keep all your muscles intact and lean.

 Know the shoes you need for the height you want

Aside from the examples provided, there are other shoe designs that cater to short men. Elevator shoes, for one, is one of the many creations of fashion that give importance to the market of short men. Which means being short is not an excuse to limit yourself in style and fashion.


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