How to Wear White Sneakers in Style

It has been ages since white sneakers emerged as the best in street fashion. From the usual designs from sportswear brands to reconstructed designs from high-end designer labels, the emergence of the white sneakers is undeniably a force and here to stay – with no objections, of course!

A White sneaker is at the top of the shoe pyramid for men who want to look cool without trying too hard. Did you know there are white sneakers with high increase shoes or elevator shoes in the market right now? And more so to the fact how much they look like any other white shoes anywhere. These height increasing shoes for guys have evolved from dreadful elevator height increasing shoes to stylish choices that can compete with more well-known designs of today. And visiting this article means you are also looking for ways to style your white sneakers.

White sneakers are versatile shoes that can be styled in different ways and silhouette. The important factor to consider here is showing your true personality through your clothes. Fashion is a business that sells a dream and a fantasy. This means knowing who you can become through your clothes. The fashion today is a reflection of current times. White, as a color, symbolizes purity and perfection. I context, it can mean as something whole until you step on the dirt. But being stylish doesn’t start and end at the office. Wherever you go, wherever you are, you need to look your best. As the old saying goes, “dress up as if you are going to meet your enemy today.” While we do not advocate having enemies as inspiration to dress nice, the main idea here is to always look good because you carry your brand.

  1. White sneakers and denim jeans

You can upgrade your white stylish height increasing shoes with nicely cut denim jeans, either straight or skinny cut. Fold the hem at least one inch in width and complete your look with a white shirt and a nice jacket. If you are feeling humbug, add colorful accessories such as a red leather bracelet or some gold chains. Furthermore, always wear a watch because it is a sign of power and maturity. Studies show that men, who wear watch, even after the development of smartphones, are more likely to achieve success and conscious about their future.

Now, back to denim, we suggest wearing your brand new white height increasing shoes or comfortable elevator shoes with denim on denim action. A nice washed-out denim jacket looks great with denim jeans since your white sneakers balance the blue hues of the denim.

  1. Shorts and short sleeve button down

This short x short look has been dominating street style blogs recently. Most of the stylish men of today, from different fashion capitals in the world, has been spotted wearing athletic black shorts (with logo, of course) and elevating their look with a unique short sleeve button down, either printed or plain, with white sneakers.

Its instant coolness speaks about how fashion has been a dictating force in how we see the world today and how we want to be seen by the people around us. Styling yourself with the latest trend makes you present and relevant. This type of style is perfect for the summer especially when the heat is at its highest and pants are at its skimpiest, but acceptable.

  1. Suit and white sneakers?

I attended a garden wedding last spring and they wanted their guests to wear sneakers instead of formal shoes. I was hesitant at first because weddings are an excuse to look dapper. I paired my navy blue linen suit with a pair of white elevator shoe sneakers with additional height. All I can say is I looked tall and confident despite the casualness of the styling.

You do not, however, wear a black suit and white sneakers because they tend to get tacky. Your white sneakers are the ones that balance your look so try to always insert color in your life rather than just sticking to black, gray, and white.

  1. Black and white ensemble

I’ve always admired black and white ensembles. Scrolling through Pinterest, you will find street style where men go out in a nicely cut black jacket, white shirt, white shorts, black socks, and white sneakers. There’s something about this combination that makes everyone wearing it look extra cool. Imagine how much cooler it would be once you pair your latest elevator shoes with additional lifts? That’s height and dapper all in one ensemble.

  1. Black with a dash of color

If you want to make an impression, go to the grocery wearing all black with (just a suggestion, but not limited to) red socks and white elevator shoes. Wearing all black exudes sex appeal and confidence. It is also slimming and gives you a tall silhouette, perhaps with elevator shoes.

What are elevator shoes?

Elevator shoes specific type of shoes that provides additional lifts. The said lifts are hidden in between the insole and the outsole of the shoes. The additional height they provide start at one inch and can go as high as five inches or more, depending on the shoe design. The designs include white sneakers with two-inch lifts, formal shoes, and rubber shoes.

How to clean your shoes

There are different ways to clean your white sneakers. You may opt to buy white shoe cleaners sold in department stores or you can clean them at home. However, we suggest you keep them away from the sunlight and just air dry them inside your home to avoid yellow stains. Try to remember white shoes only look good if you take good care of them, but don’t over-clean them because white shoes can also look good worn out. Lastly, everything depends on your preference at the end of the day. You can style them however you want and just rock those white shoes like a true style star that you are!


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