How to Style the Popular Shoes Trends of 2018

While sneakers still continue to dominate the 2018 shoe trend, there are still other types of men’s shoes that make the fashion of 2018 for men a continuous circus of excitement. However, these pairs are mostly too expensive and unreasonable to purchase, which leads us to make a list of alternatives to still look stylish, and yet won’t burn all your assets. Here is the top popular men’s shoes trend that can boost your street credibility and your Instagram following:

  1. Chunky sneakers

High-end fashion brands have been making this a trend since last year and I don’t think it is going anywhere anytime soon. Just life goes on and we age, we must also adapt to the recent trends to not get left behind. Chunky shoes are those ugly pretty shoes those fashion-savvy stars have been raving about and pairing it with almost everything, even on formal occasions. The great thing about fashion today is how brands manage to bend the rules and make what is considered taboo in the past still look good. You can pair chunky sneakers with a cool suit as long as the trousers are not skinny. Nowadays, skinny jeans are becoming a thing of a past where most men are transitioning back o wide legged blue pants, brown shoes, and white socks.

Elevator shoe brand Chamaripa Shoes have a variety of chunky sneakers such as this camouflage chunky sneakers or this athleisure-inspired pair.

  1. Elevator shoes

The tall silhouette will never go out of style. While not everyone is gifted with a 6 foot 2 inches frame, elevator shoes can counter what some men lack. They provide additional height to the wearer ranging from 2 inches up to 5 inches, and there is a variety of trendy designs, including those on top of the list.

Elevator shoes also improve the wearer’s posture because the extra elevation is located between the insole and the outsole, just like women’s high heels. Moreover, they are comfortable and completely hidden, which means, only you, the wearer is aware that you became a lot taller simply because of the shoes.

  1. Brown shoes with jeans

Let’s face it, not everyone can survive a day wearing a suit. For some, jeans will always be their go-to choice of bottoms. Brown shoes will never go out of style as long as you are aware of the how-to of styling them. Find a pair of oxford shoes with a weave design or a cool brown dress boots, and make these considered formal shoes look as casual as possible.

You can buy men’s extra wide dress shoes pair of monk straps with weaved captoes from Chamaripa shoes and look casual and taller once you style it with your favorite pair of jeans. Today, brown shoes are mostly in light hues and this pair is a perfect representation.

  1. Black shoes with navy suit

There’s an unspoken rule in the past where you can only wear black shoes with a black suit. It is finally time to be out with the old, and in with the new. In this case, your black shoes and styling with a navy suit. This style can be worn during meetings and other formal events. Just ensure you wear a light colored shirt to not overwhelm the rest of the dark tones in your outfit. If you are exploring with a more playful style, find a velvet suit or a patterned suit and add a brass brooch to complete the whole look.

  1. Non slip dress shoes

Oxford shoes have been a game changer in men’s fashion since its inception. They are considered classic and you can do a lot with it. You can buy a minimalist pair or purchase a pair with brogues. Moreover, those shoelaces really add a touch of sophistication to your whole look. Since looking tall in everything you wear is always a priority, we recommend buying a pair that has heels or a pair of elevator shoes to provide your extra elevation ranging from 1 inch to 3 inches.

  1. Athletic slip-on slippers

Rapper Kanye West was on criticized by the fashion media recently for going out wearing a pair that is shorter than his actual shoe size. The pair of his own design from his brand was also worn by his wife, Kim Kardashian, and everything she wears becomes an instant trend. They are casual yet fashionable enough. They can be worn after a long day at work or during grocery shopping. However, you cannot wear this trend on formal events and dates because they are more casual than evening.

  1. Leather mules

This trend started late last year and has been the go-to of most Italian mean spotted during Milan Fashion Week. They are casual yet exciting to the eyes. This style can be worn even when you are wearing short pants or denim pants. The versatility of the mules went beyond that some men wear this on formal events, just to keep the casual cool style while keeping it sophisticated.

  1. White sneakers

This is a comeback trend and has been in the market for years now. They are the best shoes to wear on casual days and white sneakers make everything simple look fresh on the eyes and cool. Since there are a variety of white sneakers on the market today, you can opt for white sneakers from Chamaripa Shoes to get more height.

  1. The return of the black sneakers

While white sneakers are still dominating the streets, fashion savvy is recently spotted wearing black sneakers. They mostly look basic compared to chunky shoes, yet they can make an outfit look more polished. Moreover, you can wear black sneakers on colored chinos or with a simple shirt.

  1. Loafers

Just like oxford shoes, loafers have been in the market for so long that most fashion brands just reinvent or get inspiration from the past. Nowadays, loafers are more exciting and slimmer that it can be worn during casual and formal events.    


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