Why the Modern Man Should Wear High Heeled Shoes

Men also wear heels, and high heeled footwear has slowly become a huge part of the shoe industry. The high heeled shoes for men are fitted with a special in sole, giving the wearer that fit, stylish look. There are several reasons why heels are no longer the preserve of women only.

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High heels increase the confidence of the man wearing them. They are designed to increase height, give the wearer those few inches and thus boost their confidence. Most of the time, short men feel vulnerable and weak when approached or in the company of tall men or women. They are often left feeling that they cannot match the standards of the taller people around them. However, with high heeled shoes, they can interact freely with everyone without feeling intimidated.


Apart from height advantages, the high heeled footwear also gives the advantage of better physique for the man. The shoes are raised, and walking in them will therefore raise the back heel. With a heightened heel, it is easy to achieve the more confident, open physique. It can work as a natural rectification tool for posture related problems. Better walking posture brings natural healing for problems with the back and neck. Feet are sensitive; for instance, when walking barefoot and the feet feel the hardness of the ground, they will no doubt adjust to the hard state of the ground.

high heeled footwear

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High Heeled Footwear

The sensitivity of the feet then determines how one steps on the ground, as they will always adjust all the way to how the body applies pressure to the feet. This is perhaps why running barefoot is used to train individuals on how to run with minimum impact. The same case applies to the high heeled shoe for men. In the beginning, the feet will have to adjust but in the end the changes will result in positive results for the posture of the wearer.

high heeled footwear

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Leg Muscles

High heeled footwear shoes are not only worn for their aesthetics, but also for their health benefits. One of the areas of the body they benefit for the wearers are the leg muscles. Recent research has revealed that high heeled shoes reshape the leg muscles, increasing their functionality as blood runs faster through them. In fact, it has been proven that the higher the heel, the more efficient the show will be in reshaping the leg muscles.

high heeled footwear

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Shoes, even those that have health and ergonomic benefits, will ultimately first be seen and judged by their outward appearance. The high heeled shoe when worn by men combines this perfectly. It is an elegant shoe by all means, generally more pleasing to the eye than the flat ones. What’s more, the raised heel is normally hidden within the shoe, making things less obvious for the man. When combined with a matching suit and tie, this elegant shoe will make for the perfect evening outfit.
High heeled shoes are no longer the preserve of ladies only. Even though the male high heeled shoes are somewhat different, the benefits are the same.


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