How to Avoid that Fashion Faux Pas with Shoes

A quick search on the web will reveal that there are fashion tips for almost anything under the sun. It is surprising, however, that there is very little guidance on how to wear shoes. Mostly, fashion experts will only tell you which shoe to wear with what outfit, and perhaps how to handle colors. If you are looking for a list of do’s and don’ts for shoes, here is a comprehensive list of what you must consider.

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This is perhaps top of the list of the most ignored aspects of shoe fashion. The biggest culprit is the no socks look. Most people, in a bid to pull off this look, resort to wearing no socks. You end up having to deal with sweating feet and a generally uncomfortable experience. The better option here would be to go for the actual ankle or ‘no-show’ socks. It goes without saying that wearing socks, whatever the length with sandals is a complete no-no. Also, forget about white socks, unless it is with running shoes.

Shoes are not just for the aesthetic and protective purposes when walking. There are both ladies and men’s shoes that add height. There are also options like hidden heels inside shoes, or those special sneakers with height. Shoe manufacturing companies have some of the best designs, offering the very best in aesthetics as well as functionality. Your shoes could be the answer to finally getting to stand shoulder to shoulder with everyone else.

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Casual and running shoes

While it is almost always easy to differentiate between different types of shoes. For some reason, many people do not know the difference between casual shoes and running shoes. Casual shoes are those worn for the evening parties and social gatherings. Examples include loafers, sneakers and boat shoes. Running shoes are, as the name suggests, for running. Switching between the two will either be very embarrassing or very painful and uncomfortable.

Change with the times

Shoe design does not change much, but when it does, the changes are huge. One of the styles that have been slowly phased out are the square-shaped shoes. They might seem fascinating, but they were last in fashion in the eighties. If you are looking for trendy and stylish, then this is definitely not what to wear.

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This is one confusing area for many people. Is it okay to wear leather shoes with denim or not? Is denim reserved only for sneakers? Well, there is no right or wrong answer. According to experts, it all comes down to texture. Those shiny black shoes should only be worn with suits and never with denim.


Do not be afraid to express yourself with shoes. There are so many small and different rules that many people tend to fall back on only having a few pairs of shoes in black and brown. Do not be afraid to express some style or add color, especially for casual shoes.
Your shoes are almost always the first thing people will notice about you. Make sure you get things right.


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