Common Mistakes to Avoid when Buying Height Increasing Running Shoes

Buying that great pair of running shoes calls for expansive knowledge of one’s arch type and the contours of your feet. One must be able to judge whether the shoe will fit them and feel normal on their feet just by looking. This is just the first step, though. This article details the numerous mistakes most people often find themselves making when they go shopping for shoes.

Height increasing running shoes

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Fashion is nice, especially when buying, say formal shoes. When it comes to running shoes, though, fashion will have to take a back seat. Most of the time when people buy shoes that they think to look really cool, they find themselves coming back a few weeks later complaining of issues like pain or discomfort. When buying running shoes, think about the feel and fit, and not necessarily the fashion aspect.

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It is easy to find deals when looking for that perfect pair of heel shoes online in India. When buying running shoes, most people never think about this. Remember, the online environment was basically built with cheaper shopping options in mind. Even for the brick and mortar shops, there will likely be discounts of up to $20 for certain pairs. Look out for those deals that allow you to buy cheaper when you go for more pairs.

Shoe room
Another unexpected mistake that many people make when they buy running shoes is going for shoes that are too small. Most of the time, these will feel great when fitted, with only a little bit of discomfort felt. It is important to remember, though, that any discomfort felt when fitting the shoe for the first time will likely be worse when running. Any shoe that feels even remotely smaller should never be bought. Furthermore, there should be enough wiggle room for the toes. The rule of thumb is to be able to ‘play the piano’ with one’s toes. They should be roomy enough but not loose or sloppy.

Time of day
Shopping for shoes in the morning is generally discouraged. The feet are fresh in the morning, but after a day’s work walking around, they likely will swell and expand. Shoes that might be well fitting in the morning might end up being too small when worn in the evening. The best time to buy a shoe, therefore, is at the end of the day, when the feet are as big as they are going to get.

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It is surprising how many people do this; assume their size, buy the shoe and end up complaining later. First, even when one is relatively sure about their shoe size, different brands might have different rating systems. What fits in one brand might be too small in another. There are also differences between American and European size conventions. Sizes might differ because of simple facts like how the shoe is stitched together, the shape of the upper or the shape of the foot form. Do not assume sizes, especially when buying running shoes.
These mistakes are common and easy to make, but with these tips, the process of buying running shoes will be much smoother.


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