Getting the Heel Size Right When Picking Elevator Sports Shoes

There is nothing as comfortable as getting the perfect height when doing Olympic lifts or squats. The elevated heel is what the fitness professionals refer to squat depth. When the ankle is forced to do a dorsiflex less, the body is made to hit greater knee flexion. The impact is a deeper and extra comfortable Olympic lift position. But many people have failed to attain their optimum potential for picking the wrong shoes. This is a complete guide to getting it right on heel size when selecting high heel sports shoes for men

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Give height different more focus

Shoes that include height come with many options. However, 0.75 inches appear to be the average. Athletes who want to get higher elevation add lifters at the bottom of the shoes. The principle goal for high heel leather shoes for men is getting the perfect squat depth with an upright torso. To pick the right heel, you must factor a number of things (anthropometrics) including squat style, torso length, and leg length among others.


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(a)The torso length: The torso angle of the leg is the cherry on the upper part when picking perfect shoes for increasing height. The focus at this point should be getting extra comfort. Therefore, go for the heel that will provide ample room for full squat depth with the torso in an upright position.

(b)Long Torso: If you have a shorter torso, it will be easier to always stay upright even at full depth. For those who have long legs and long torsos, it is recommended that they go for taller heels. Men who have short legs and torsos find it easier to pick high sports shoes because most varieties will work well in their situation.

The preferred squat style

While the appearance and size of the leg is the primary focus when selecting high heel sports shoes for men, it is also very important to factor the squat style. Your squatting style will greatly influence the shoe you will use. For example, the stance, low-bar style, and high-bar style require varying elevation.


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(a)Narrow stance: If you prefer the quad dominant or narrow squat, it is advisable to go for the shoes with a standard heel of 0.75 inches or more. With narrow stances, the ankle and knee flexion is greater. This means that high heel leather shoes with greater elevation are ideal.

(b)Wider stance: Those who prefer wider stance squats put greater pressure on the hip flexion as opposed to the ankle. Therefore, it is advisable to go for height increasing shoes that deliver slight elevation.

(c)High bar squat: To do a heavy high bar squat, the body requires the torso to resist a forward lean. Therefore, you need to get higher elevation with high heel sports shoes for men to support the athlete’s ability to maintain optimal position when holding the weight.

(d)Low bar: This squat style requires one to use the back section of the body and the hips. Because the bar is placed on the back, you are required to lean forward. Since the knees do not require high flexion, high heel leather shoes for men with slight elevation will be okay


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