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Why Elevator Shoes are Becoming More Socially Acceptable?

It is an openly kept secret that being taller gifts you certain advantages that might not necessarily be enjoyed by shorter people. That most of the American presidents of the past have been taller than average tells you all you need to know. However, being shorter does not necessarily mean you cannot enjoy some of these benefits and lead a life just as fulfilling. There is no shame admitting to the deficiencies of height, just as there is no shame in wanting more. This is where elevator shoes come in, especially for men. Elevator shoes for women are brilliant, but the world is more accepting of a woman in height increasing shoes than they are a man. The modern elevators change this though, and here is why they should be embraced.

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If you are one of those people that feels self-conscious at school, in the workplace or out in public because of your height, then you are in luck. With elevator shoes, your confidence will definitely skyrocket. As a taller person, you will definitely start noticing a change in how people generally respond to you. Naturally, the tallest in society command high levels of respect and authority. There is also the small matter of more attention from women, who for some strange reason generally prefer the taller men. You will no longer be the butt of the office jokes with the extra few inches.

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The more stylish members of the society who need elevator shoes might feel that they get in the way of their fashion sense. First of all, it is important to note that things have changed. In the past, most height increasing shoes for women or men had the huge clunky and conspicuous platforms. They are still accepted in some circles but are slowly being phased out by more stylish varieties and designs. Whatever style you are inclined towards, you will almost always find what suits you. Do not be worried about inconsistency when you wear a high heeled dress shoe then wear flat sneakers in informal settings. Designers even have elevator shoe sneakers available that will maintain those extra inches in every setting.

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It is ironic that there is or was so much prejudice surrounding height issues that people wanted to escape and look taller, but the same prejudice kept them from one of the easiest and least expensive solutions there are elevator shoes. Today, there is less of this stigma, and with elevator shoes being more widely accepted, a lot of the worries that were a problem in the past no longer are. You can confidently wear them without necessarily worrying about who will know or notice. Many people do so within the public domain, and it has never been an issue.
Height should not be the thing stopping you from enjoying your life, from attending weddings, going on dates, enjoying your social life and even being part of a social circle. Height increasing shoes for men ensure this is not the case.


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