The Different Types of Shoes A Man Should Have

Shoes are an integral part of a man’s life and look. In fact, they are one of the most authentic things one can use to judge the looks and personality of any man. It is therefore important for the men to understand the different types of shoes available out there for them. Here is a list of some of the more popular options.

men’s hidden heels shoes

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Loafers are mostly casual in nature. They are almost always the shoe that comes to mind when one thinks about variety in male shoe types. They can either be made of suede or leather. They can be worn on a dress down day with jeans, or for those formal occasions. Some people go as far as wearing them with cargo pants or shorts. They are easy to put on and are the perfect combination of style and indolence.

men's loafers

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These are the closest shoe to loafers, only that they are more formal. They are often lightweight and easy to wear and are loved because of the padding and protection they give the feet. Like loafers, they are popular for their simplicity. One does not have to do much to pair them with a semi-formal or casual outfit.


Some years back, sandals were exclusively worn by women. Today, they are available in many attractive styles for the men. What most people do not realize, though is that they can be used either formally or informally. Their most common use, however, is during the holidays, giving that feeling of relaxation. They are not to be worn in the office though but are ideal for those hot days when the feet need some rest.

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Height increasing shoes

Just like sandals, most people often think about heels being exclusive to women. Funny enough, the very first heels were actually worn exclusively by men, with women having much flatter and more stable shoes reserved for them. For the modern man, though, heels are almost always worn to add some height. Men’s shoes with 2-inch heels will make a short individual that much taller, giving them the confidence in their looks and height. Some even add hidden heels inside shoes to appear taller.

men’s hidden heels shoes

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Chukka boots

These have become much more stylized and versatile over the years. Like loafers, these are suitable for both work and casual occasions. They are not the classic go to business shoe, but they can normally be worn with suits when attending corporate occasions. They are however perfect with the khakis and t-shirt look.


Lace-up shoes are perhaps the most stylish formal shoes, though men in their characteristic stubborn style have been known to wear them to informal gatherings. When matched with a suit, however, it reeks of corporate prestige and is the look to go for when showing status.

Lace-up shoes

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Ankle boots

These are a must-have in every guy’s shoe rack. They go with pretty much everything and are perfect for any weather.
Shoes are a necessary part of life; picking the perfect outfit means picking the perfect shoe. With these shoe style tips you will never go wrong.


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