Carrying weights at the gym? Try elevator shoes!

My sibling and I were strolling at the shopping mall the other day when he mentioned something about height increasing shoes for guys. I had a hunch he was talking about elevator shoes, but had to double-check since he was looking for workout shoes at that time. He explained how additional lifts, the term used to describe the insole that adds extra height in elevator shoes, can help boost your workout especially when carrying those pounds and pounds of weights. Curiosity got me and I decided to learn more about these height increasing shoes my sibling was so eager to find.

I did a quick research and learned that there are different gears for specific workouts. That was when I started educating other people who want to lift weights but do not have proper knowledge regarding the correct gear to use to achieve their desired bodies. Yes, the gym may be perceived as a form of narcissism to some, but staying fit and healthy is important for your body and soul. Here are the answers to the frequently asked questions about wearing height increasing shoes for guys when working out:

Why use high increase shoes when lifting weights?

Nowadays, going to the gym has become more of a social lifestyle than just a healthy one. While these gym rats lift their souls into their workout, a lot of outside factors are considered before stepping inside the gym. For one, many spend a lot of dough on work gear such as anti-sweat t-shirts, breathable shorts, tights, gym bags, and training shoes. But did you know that you can’t be all gear and no proper education? Yes, training shoes differ based on your workout. If you are weight training, there’s a specific height enhancing shoes to wear in fitness for immense improvement in your body.

Solely based on widely known athletic brands, you will need at least 1.5 inches of additional lift that can help you on leg day, which are then strategically placed inside your workout shoes to provide a maximum positive effect on your workout.

Worried about comfort? Well, don’t be!

There’s no need to worry if you think that additional height will compromise comfort. Elevator shoes are designed to help you grow a few inches while not hurting your everyday routine. These height elevator shoes can also help with your posture problems, according to studies. The lifts are strategically placed in the insoles, like women’s wedge heels, to protect your knees and back, while you are sporting them. Moreover, elevator shoes can make you look taller than you actually because, as the name suggests, they elevate.

Thankfully, elevator shoes are not just for working out. You can also purchase a pair of elevator dress shoes that you can use on formal occasions such as weddings and seminars.

Why workout with function and style?

The best weight lifting shoes should include functionality and style sensibility. This is without a doubt a matter of taste and proper knowledge about shoes. If you want a splash of hues in your footwear, you can sport that but always consider if it is right for your workout. Chamaripa Shoes, a brand known for its stylish and functional elevator shoes, offer a variety of height adding shoes that fit well with your workout. They come in different shape, color and lift size that you can both use for working out and leisure.

Functionality and style is an important fusion in fashion. A garment, or in this case your workout shoes, can take you to “heavier” heights if you can blend those two worlds.

What’s the importance of carrying weights?

Working out is not all about running for miles at the treadmill or jogging for an upcoming marathon. You must have perseverance and patience to achieve your desired body. Both your inside and outside should work together to gather all the energy you need to complete a tiring and sweaty day at the gym. The importance of carrying weights directly affects your muscle memory. Muscle-strengthening activities, both on push or pull day, helps if you are on either a weight-loss or weight-gain profile.

It’s important to know the capacity of your body before you start hitting heavier weights. While there are exercises where you are not obliged to lift weights and still want that specific type of workout, the best way to know the right equipment to use is to consult your gym instructor or visit the physician before you start on your #fitspiration journey. Yes, this goes beyond your Instagram stories where you post you Outfit of The Day (OOTD) wearing the Pantone color of the year.

Why you shouldn’t be all gear and no knowledge?

The moment you are equipped with the proper gear for a workout, it is time to start learning about the benefits of weight lifting. You think your physical strength is at a maximum before your first day at the gym. However, but all your beliefs will slowly become a fantasy once you start lifting a pair of 10-pound dumbbells. It is hard, right? Of course, staying healthy is not all about beauty and light; it also includes lots of food sacrifices and lifestyle change to succeed in attaining your desired physical physique. Aside from what you see on the outside, lifting weights can also increase muscular strength and bone density.

This is why you shouldn’t be all gear and no knowledge. Your elevator shoes need to complement your actual workout. Progress is an important word when you want to excel in fitness. Gearing up properly is that little boost you need to achieve better results in your daily routine. The right shoe is like the glue that attaches everything to help you become your best-desired self. Yes, it is an additional cost that might affect your monthly expenses, but look on the brighter side of it: buying the gear while having the proper knowledge on why you need them is an investment in itself.  


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