8 Most Important Tips that Short Guys Should Use to Look Taller and Become More Successful

Are you a short guy and have been wondering how to look taller, enthralling, and successful? The answer is the shoes you use and the selected clothing. Tall shoes for short guys provide instant elevation to reach where the society expects. But this is just the beginning. It is important to target going beyond looking taller to enhancing professional and interpersonal skills. The following are the main tips that you need to apply to look taller and become more successful.


#1. Start by selecting the right elevator shoes

Biology indicates that human growth in height stops at puberty. Your body’s growth hits the optimal level after birth and continues at a very fast rate at infancy. Then, it slows down with time and halts at puberty. This implies that if you are past 20, the growth that can be achieved is very small. The best option is going for height increasing shoes.

Elevator shoes are designed to help users get instant elevation and look perfect. It is very important to look for the right make me tall shoes that are fitting, comfortable, and stylish. This will ensure that you can use the shoes all day or even in multiple events.

#2. Consider going for low-contrasting footwear

The primary goal for the elevator shoes is to provide the sense of elongation when you step out. It is advisable to keep the contrast limited to help give the legs an elongated outlook. Consider keeping the contrast with pant leg low by selecting stark opposites in color plates. For example, if you select black denim, avoid white sneakers. However, charcoal sneakers would match very well with black denim since colors fall in the same palate.

#3. Get it right on the suit proportion

If you lack in height and want to make up with shoes for short height man, it is important to get it right on suit proportions. To demonstrate this, take a closer look at the suits.

  • Short Jackets: If you want to use shorter jackets, they should not suffer in the fit on the arms and across the shoulders. Shorter jackets help to expose the legs making you look taller.
  • Higher buttons:The location of the waist button for short guys should be well above the navel so that viewers’ eyes get drawn upwards. When high waist button is matched well with the right elevator shoes, you will have the appearance of high waist and longer legs.
  • Slimmer sleeve widths: The coat arms hug the body giving sight lines that demonstrate a man’s physique. You should consider going for slimmer sleeves that make the body appear leaner and taller. The leaner and longer the arms look, the taller the entire body will appear.

#4. Go for accessories positioned high up on the body

 The main goal of positioning the accessories up there is to draw people’s attention to the upper part of the body. This will help to create an illusion of more height. Such accessories can include tie pins, pocket squares, glasses, and hats.

#5. Add visual effects to underscore a sense of length

Fashion designers insist that after selecting the right shoes for short height man, it is also important to add some visual effects. Here, you have to become extra creative. You need to play around with the narrow lapels and collar sizes. When you get it right on these elements, the attention will be drawn upwards giving a sense of elongated neck, a narrow frame, and a taller you.


  • Jackets: Consider a two-button jacket as opposed to three or more button pieces. Make sure that jacket’s pockets are also placed together. The accessories should also match with the hair and eyes.
  • Vertical lines: This should be one of the most obvious components when you are working hard to look taller. Vertical lines match well with elevator shoes adding the appearance of visual length.

#6. Go for the fitting shirts

One thing you need to get right when using elevator shoes and clothes for short guys is that arms are directly proportional to the perceived personal height. Therefore, you should consider using them to bring out a greater sense of length. It is, therefore, important to amend the cuff of the shirt because the arms will always be shorter.

  • High armholes: The higher the armholes, the slimmer you will look with every movement. Here, the secret is going slimmer.
  • The shirt’s cuff length:While the recommended cuff for most shirts is about 1.5 inches to 2.25 inches, short men are advised to go for as little as 0.25 inches. This will make the arms to look taller.
  • Fitting through the chest:This outlook is important in narrowing the Torso. Even for men with athletic bodies, the shirt should provide a narrowing effect to make the body appear taller.

#7. Go for perfectly fitting trouser

The trousers are very crucial in helping users to create a sense of height. It is very important to avoid low-rise trousers as much as possible. When a man tucks the shirt to a pair of low-rise trousers, the torso will appear longer. The body’s height will get cut by 50% and the legs will look even shorter. Instead, you should stick to the high-rise patterns.

On the pant legs, you should not provide a break. If you opt for a break, it is advisable to keep it as short as possible; preferably 0.25 inch. The smaller the break, the longer the legs will appear.

#8. Compliment your new tall appearance with good performance

The outlined tips for short guys will only work if they are complimented with good professional appearance. When you get that tall outlook like the society demands, it is time to fit in that new outset. Now that the doors of your managerial post quest have opened, it is time to demonstrate professional capabilities. You need to show the capability to lead, management skills, and interpersonal qualities. Do not hold back; go for that that had been kept from you because of lack for height.



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