10 Shoes to Make You Taller

If you are looking for men’s shoes that make you taller, there are two words to best fit the category: elevator shoes. They have been available in the market for a long time and they helped short men live a much taller lifestyle with good posture while looking stylish. These are ten shoes that add height that you would want to be included in your growing closet.

  1. Wingtip shoes – If you want to achieve greater heights, shoes like wingtips can be your best friend. They are stylized oxfords with a prominent design on the toe cap called wing tips and are considered classic and stylish.
  2. Lace-up boots – If you want to live a pseudo dangerous life, nothing says bad boy that a cool pair of lace-up boots. Most designs have visible rubber heels and it can be paired with a simple crew neck shirt, something that you must also have in your closet.
  3. White Sneakers – They are comfortable and easy in the eyes. Elevator shoes that are white sneakers in design have at least 2-inches increase in height.
  4. Suede loafers – When women talk about luxury, they must mean men who can look good in perfect brown suede loafers. You can choose for plain style or those with tassels, depending on your personal preference.

  1. Canvas shoes – There are moments when we just want to go to the grocery store in our most basic looking outfits. Canvas shoes give you that vibe you need.
  2. Black formal shoes – The reality is, even though we want to explore other options in our style file, nothing will ever beat the classic black formal shoes. They are sleek and sophisticated. We use black formal shoes for different events such as weddings, office meetings, and when going out on a date with your special someone.

  1. Monkstrap shoes – In your attempt to look playful with your shoes can be done by sporting a cool pair of monkstrap shoes. The design itself is interesting enough and it can be paired with a navy blazer. It is advisable to buy brown monkstrap shoes because they look classic and more sophisticated.
  2. Sandals – When you plan on going to the beach this summer, elevate your beach bum style with sandals. Did you know what elevator shoes also offer sandals? That’s additional height for you while having fun at the beach.

  1. Rubber shoes – We need them when we decide to go on a morning run at the park. Elevator shoes offer different designs of rubber shoes that can work in a casual meet up with friends and for a leisure workout.
  2. Ankle boots – They are so fashionable that most Hollywood celebrities are spotted in them. They are casual boots that truly elevate your personal style. Moreover, they will help you look taller because they are cut on the ankle section, which means you will look lean especially if you pair it with a statement printed shirt that says masculine and respectable.


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